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  Name: Patricia Sanchez Post Time: 2008-10-20 11:38:12
I ran ads in ohio on cnn, msnbc and cnbc. All the spots aired between 4-9pm except cnbc which ran at 1 in the afternoon. I spent $100 the first time an got 4 spots, you find out in the email saysme sends a day before they air. I purchased another $500 with 10 girl friends of mine last Thursday. I am waiting to get my email now. We ran in Florida this time.

*If the price is getting to you, like it is to all of us. Ask some friends to split the buy. 5 people spending $20 is still very effective when you think about it, we are running political ads in swing states!
  Name: Heather Post Time: 2008-10-20 11:27:23
I don't understand why smaller contributions are not an option. I don't have $100 - but I can spare 20. And so can thousands of others. I believe this is a very powerful ad and would love to see it shown in as many places as possible. This can be done with the power of numbers.
  Name: Jesse Post Time: 2008-10-19 18:54:22
This broke college student was fully prepared to give $20 for you to air an ad, and I see a lot of others were as well. Then I found that the minimum donation was $100. You have GOT to be kidding. You don't have to name each and every sponsor; just let us kick in. Look at just five of the posts: "I'd be willing to give 20," "I'd be willing to give fifty" "I'd be willing to give 35," etc. Take a hint from McCain/Palin's rival: lots of small donors can get a lot done!
  Name: Brad Doty Post Time: 2008-10-19 02:23:37
Suzy. That's great! Let us know what time slot(s) you got for $500.

Linda, the "partial birth abortion" is only a smoke screen designed to keep some people on the fence and outrage anti-choice partisans.

The fact is, that the ONLY reason allowed under Roe v. Wade to perform late-term abortions is to save the mother's life or health (so she can raise her other kids). Anti-choice won't tell you this crucial fact. When they raise this red herring, it totally devalues the mother's life and ability to raise and have other kids.

Even more insidiously, Anti-choice has succeeded in reducing the number of abortion practitioners and limiting abortion training in medical school, that more and more mothers' lives are at risk from late-term complications.

Forced pregnancy devalues all human life.
  Name: Brad Doty Post Time: 2008-10-19 02:16:24
After saying ONLY $100, I read the comments below. I don't really want to spend over 50, but I am figuring airtime is very expensive. What do you get for 100 - the outdoor channel at 3:00 AM on a Tuesday?

Is there a way to pool our money to buy a better time slot with less outlay per person?
  Name: Brad Doty Post Time: 2008-10-19 02:13:43
I'd like to run this WAMP ad in Ohio or one of the new battleground states, like Indiana, Virgina, North Dakota, or North Carolina. Of the four you list, only Florida is still competitive right now.

What kind of air time can I actually get for only $100?
  Name: Crystal Post Time: 2008-10-18 08:49:17
These are both very strong messages and should both be seen not only in swing states but nationwide. But $100 is a little steep for us. There must be a way that you can make this more affordable.
  Name: Ayre Post Time: 2008-10-18 08:05:12
It is LUDICROUS to expect a minimum of $100. You must not want to get contributions. Having such a steep donation curve is upsetting to those of us who would GLADLY contribute a lesser amount; requesting such an amount sends a message, too--it is a message of greed and disregard for the economic hell that a lot of us have been pushed down into. Very poorly done on your part.
  Name: Katrina Post Time: 2008-10-18 06:49:30
Please, please come up with a way for smaller donations to be pooled! Our voices should count just as much as people with more money! We want to help defeat McCain/Palin, give us a way to do it! PLEASE!!
  Name: danielle Post Time: 2008-10-17 20:33:18
during my career, i have been a rape crisis counselor, and i know the fear i have seen in many survivor's eyes, that they will get pregnant.

i too, would give a lesser amount, but i cannot afford $100. i could give $36. please allow smaller and anonymous donations. i do not believe, as you say on your website, that real names be used. there are plenty of pacs that combine funds; we should be able to do that here as well.

  Name: Red Post Time: 2008-10-17 17:47:10
I wish I could make a contribution also. Is there no provision for smaller donations? I think there are a lot of people out there who can't afford $100, but would gladly donate $25.

Thank you,
  Name: ahansen Post Time: 2008-10-17 17:00:28
I would be delighted to contribute to a non-specific fund to play the "choice" ad, but cannot afford $100--nor do I wish my name attached. Please contact me if you add a provision for such partial payments.

Thank you,
  Name: LillyJ78 Post Time: 2008-10-17 15:17:45
my girlfriends and I are pooling some money together to run this in Florida... wish we had more to give but this economy is atrocious... thanks GW
  Name: Suzy JM Post Time: 2008-10-17 14:19:44
I just put $500 towards running this message in Colorado

  Name: kpav02 Post Time: 2008-10-17 12:26:08
  Name: Linda N Post Time: 2008-10-17 12:23:42
I totally agree and would fight for a woman's right to choose. I believe that abortion is between a woman, her family and doctor. I support birth control and I am willing to pay for sex education and believe that the state should pay for abortions if the woman is unable. However, the focus of the discussion in the 3rd Presidential debate was late term abortion and partial birth abortion. If a woman waits, for whatever reason, to go past 26 weeks of her pregnancy, why can't her doctor just deliver that baby and see if it lives ( with or without heroic measures) or dies? I believe the argument against partial birth abortion gains a lot of support when the result is a dismembered fetus. Aren't our medical practicioners more capable than that?
  Name: d20beck Post Time: 2008-10-17 12:23:15
no one should have to carry a child that way for 9 months.
  Name: Patricia Sanchez Post Time: 2008-10-17 12:18:12
This ad is igniting conversation everywhere. Pass on these videos and this website. my heart breaks for the young women across the US with similar stories.

  Name: cowboyneok Post Time: 2008-10-17 12:10:23
This ad should be EVERYWHERE! All over the teevee for those undecided voters followed by John McCain making that snarky reference to "health of the mother." I couldn't believe McCain made snearing comment, "health of the mother" regarding abortion and did air quotes! Jeesh... horrible... just awful. Oh yeah, he said he didn't have a litmus test and then turned around and said he had one re: Roe Vs. Wade appointing judges.
  Name: Zoe Post Time: 2008-10-17 12:07:29
you made me cry
but it needed to be said
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