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  • Files larger than 1.9 GB will not upload properly. For files larger than 1.9 GB please contact us.
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All ads must be submitted at least ten (10) days prior to your airtime schedule start date. We require a 10-bit, uncompressed QuickTime .MOV format (720 x 486) that meets these standards: The video must be 25 seconds long. Average digital audio levels must range between -17dBfs and -20dBfs (Analog: 0dB @ +4 dBm ref). Digital audio levels should peak between -10dBfs and -12dBfs (Analog: no higher than +3), with a maximum of three peaks per second. Setup level should equal 7.5 IRE. Luminance levels should not exceed 100 IRE. Chroma levels should not exceed 120 IRE.

Note on file size: Your file will be very large, around 600-700 megabytes (Uncompressed 10-bit 720 x 486 in .MOV format). This is normal. Please be sure to meet all the requirements or your ad may be rejected by the media outlets.

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