User Submission

Tired of Boring, Recycled ads on television?

Want to make your own ad, and say what YOU want ON TV?

Think others might agree with you and want to help spread your word?

Well, now you can...thanks to SaysMe.TV! SaysMe.TV will host your ad, help blast your email list and you will get paid every time your ad airs!

Follow these steps to get your Video on TV:

  1. Go to our video submission page found here.
  2. Fill in all of your contact information.
  3. Upload your video.

That's it - you're done! SaysMe.TV will then review your file to make sure it meets broadcast standards, and let you know when your file is ready to play on television!

Some Tips:

  1. Video must be exactly 25 seconds
  2. Video must be an 8 bit uncompressed QuickTime file (.MOV)
  3. Click here for Audio and Setup Level requirements
  4. Please do not use the Safari browser while uploading - Internet Explorer or Firefox should be fine.

Your file will be very large, around 600-700 megabytes. This is normal. It may take some time to upload. Don't worry, be patient!

We cannot accept ads that don't meet the FCC guidelines for nudity, profanity, proprietary material, etc.

Be sure to upload your ad 10 days in advance of the time you'd like it to air.

Other Legal Stuff (public domain footage, clearances, etc.)

Technical Difficulties or Further Questions?