SaysMe is where individuals come to voice their own opinions on TV and the Internet.

Timing its debut to the highly polarized 2008 elections, SaysMe allows you to promote the people and causes you care about most in a brand new way. Now, instead of passively writing checks and wondering how the money will be spent, you can choose 30 second ads from our library and run them on TV with your name branded on the end as the sponsor.

For you creative types, we encourage you to make your own ads and let people who share your views sponsor them. You'll even get paid every time someone runs your ad on TV.

SaysMe's mission is to democratize television and empower citizens to seize control of the airwaves - just like politicians and corporations. SaysMe is a vehicle for your passions, beliefs, grievances, causes, events, and ideas. Use it to make your voice count.

Founded by long-standing Internet and Media entrepreneurs, Lisa Eisenpresser, Morgan Warstler, John O. Morisano and outdoor advertising pioneer, Bill Apfelbaum, the company began under the banner of Sunshine Direct, a direct marketing and brand building company the principals founded in 2004. In addition to its founders, the company has attracted top talent from the worlds of film and commercial production, media and technology.