Candidate Submission

Running for office?

Want to make it easy for your supporters to support your campaign directly?

Well, now you can take your campaign directly to the people with SaysMe.TV

When you make your own ad (under the guidelines of the terms below), SaysMe will:

  1. Broadcast your ad on top cable networks nationwide (CNN, USA, TNT, E!, Discovery, etc.).
  2. Host your ad online, and make it easy to blast it to everyone in your address book.
  3. Allow anyone and everyone to pay to run your ad in their own name on TV (Ex: Paid for by Lisa Eisenpresser).
  4. Present your campaign with the necessary, easy to file information for FEC reporting.

Ad requirements:

All ads must be submitted at least ten (10) days prior to your airtime schedule start date. We require a 8-bit, uncompressed QuickTime .MOV format (720 x 486) that meets these standards:

  1. The video must be 25 seconds long.
  2. Average digital audio levels must range between -17dBfs and -20dBfs (Analog: 0dB @ +4 dBm ref). Digital audio levels should peak between -10dBfs and -12dBfs (Analog: no higher than +3), with a maximum of three peaks per second.
  3. Setup level should equal 7.5 IRE. Luminance levels should not exceed 100 IRE. Chroma levels should not exceed 120 IRE.

Note on file size: Your file will be very large, around 600-700 megabytes (Uncompressed 8-bit 720 x 486 in .MOV format). This is normal. Please be sure to meet all the requirements or your ad may be rejected by the media outlets.

Be sure to name your file and write this ID along with your first name, last name, email address, and company name on this submission form.

The content of your ad must meet all current FCC requirements for Broadcast Quality. We will decline ads that do not meet the appropriate guidelines for nudity, profanity, proprietary material, etc. In the event that we have any concerns with regard to content or technical requirements, we will contact you by email.