We’ve kept our eyes on the Z Pocket Handheld for a couple of months now, at first we thought it was a myth but now more and more proof is being released that this could be a potential real handheld being released in early 2020.

There’s not much news to share about it, but from what we’ve seen it could be a great handheld for those that aren’t interested in the Dreamcast Mini, but instead want them in your pocket.

The Z Pocket Handheld is an android gaming device that can play a bunch of apps, including applications that replicate old retro consoles.

As much as it’s aimed at Android users, it’s main target audience is us, the retro gamers who want portability and strong build quality. Similar to the build of the Game Kiddy 350H it comes with a large 4″ screen which almost looks bezel-less and very modern.

What’s great about the Z Pocket Handheld is the powerful Snapdragon 800 processor inside, making it more powerful than the Retro CM3 and the ability to power bigger games including the Dreamcast console.

There are Android handhelds out there that can out power this, but the Z Pocket Handheld is rumoured to come in at the $80-$100 price tag, making it a very affordable, powerful android handheld. This is why it’s getting our attention.

Its seen Retro Game 350 and the Bittboy Pocket Go V2 get some press recently and it wants a slice of the pie, and a big slice at that.

The buttons look very premium, closer to the PSP Vita than the Nintendo DS, but the analogue stick from what we can see is the same as the Retro CM3, which is very low quality.

It has 4 shoulder buttons which is absolutely mandatory now that i can emulate the big boys, and dual speakers to keep you immersed.

Not only does the Z Pocket Handheld have a giant screen it’s also built from aluminium just like the metal gameboy. None of the cheap plastic, they’v gone for pure quality, and making it metal will make a big difference when it’s placed in gamers hands.

It’ll feel premium, and that’s what retro gamers want. This handheld is on a whole other level, and we love it. Inside is a 3,800 MAH battery which might sound like a lot but powering this big screen and processor only gives it around a 4-5 play time.

This is more than enough for most gamers, but there’s some of you out there that love your long life handhelds, and we don’t blame you.

Overall the Z Pocket Handheld looks the be a promising device, the Android UI will be easy to navigate, the powerful processor will allow for smooth gameplay and the giant screen will but this in a category that no other $100 is in.

But, with all Android devices, they get outdate quickly and you’ll see it slow after a year or so of using it. It’s just how it goes, hopefully it’ll be available to update every month or so.

By Aman

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