Alright people, this is not a drill, it’s now official: Miyoo Mini + (plus) is incoming!

Yes, it would seem that Miyoo has heard some of our prayers, and decided to make a “Miyoo Medium”.

I’m thrilled, because my feeling was that the Miyoo Mini was just too small for my own personal use.

I know some of my colleagues were not bothered by the size.

Heck, RetroDodo gave it the number one spot on our list of Best Retro Handhelds at the end of 2022. So clearly we loved the Miyoo Mini, even at that size.

And most loved that it was so pocketable. That’s one of the main selling points.

But again, I’m just glad we will now be getting a bigger brother option in the new Miyoo Mini + (plus).

So let’s take a look at this big boy.

Update January 12, 2023: Interestingly, it would seem that Miyoo are openly answering people’s questions on their Aliexpress account regarding the new Mini+. So people have been taking advantage of that open dialogue.

Miyoo has confirmed* that the Mini+ is coming February 10th. It will be the same internal configuration as the original Mini, but with the addition of Wifi. The price should only be about $5 more than the original. And they plan to start sales with 500 transparent black units.

*via screenshots of Aliexpress messages shared on various forums.

Miyoo Mini + Details

Image Source: Unknown Leak Source. Original by Miyoo.

We don’t know a lot about it yet, as this is another one of those early anonymous leaks.

Truth be told, I had an inside source also feeding me some info, but it would seem that they were not the only person getting word of the incoming medium sized device.

Apparently, it’s been all but confirmed via messages on Aliexpress to anybody who asks that we should anticipate the Mini + after the Chinese New Year holiday.

And obviously, seeing real photos confirms its existence.

We can get a decent amount of info by seeing the actual finished device.

Here’s a few things we know absolutely for sure about the Miyoo Mini + (plus) without hearing it directly from Miyoo…

Image Source: Unknown Leak Source. Original by Miyoo.

We can safely assume that this will have something quite similar to the original Miyoo Mini inside.

They are not worried about squeezing more power out of the Miyoo Mini +, because it still has the same button configuration made for 8-32 bit era gaming. No extra power needed there.

What we do know for sure is that it will be a bit bigger. Quite close to the size of the new Anbernic RG35XX, as they share that same 3.5 inch screen that we love.

Image Source (of Miyoo Mini +): Unknown Leak Source. Original by Miyoo.

3.5 inch at 3:4 is the perfect retro gaming screen, and we are so glad that Miyoo decided to bump up the size of their device.

We can also anticipate them fitting a larger battery in there, adding to the game play time.

The original was 1900mah, and we can actually see in the photos that this new one has a 3000mah upgrade. That’s 5-6 hours worth of play rather than 3-4.

And one of the most welcome upgrades are those new triggers! Much better, Miyoo!

They are a better shape, and they alternated the height to make them more obvious. Thank you.

Image Source: Unknown Leak Source. Original by Miyoo.

We also know that the Miyoo Mini + will be able to run custom firmware on day one. This was confirmed to me by my inside resource.

So that means OnionOS straight out of the box.

I’ve been told you can literally take your card out of the Mini and put it in the Mini +. That easy.

And an important thing to point out… these are done. You can see finished Miyoo Mini + consoles in hand at Miyoo. So we will not have to wait long on these.

As soon as that Chinese New Year holiday is over, and people are back to work… we should see these going up on Alixepress.


Obviously, we are eager to get our hands on this.

And sorry to say… this is surely the RG35xx’s funeral.

The Miyoo Mini was already the bar when it comes to ultra portable emulation handhelds that are at the high end of quality and performance.

And Miyoo decided to one up themselves and make an even better portable emulation handheld of high end quality and performance.

But now, it’s the size I wanted. Win!

The moment it’s available, we are gonna rush order one. Hoping for new colorways :).

Till then, stay safe little Dodos.

By Aman

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