Dust off that Amiga and pull out your best CRT TVs for retro gaming, because the Tank Mouse is rolling into town.

If you’re a regular Retro Dodo reader, then you’ll know all about how much we love discovering new tech dedicated to bringing retro gaming to the masses.

There are so many amazing new ideas out there bringing modern technology to old-school tech in a genius fashion, providing peripherals that just wouldn’t have existed ‘back in the day’.

And if there’s one site (other than ours) that we love trawling through to find these new inventions, it’s Kickstarter.

Yes, the retro gaming community never sleeps, continuously working on exciting tech to reignite the fun of the past. Our latest find, the Tank Mouse, is a nifty little critter designed to work with the Amiga and modern computers.

Let’s take a look and get the full lowdown!

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Meet The Mighty Tank Mouse, Your New Wireless Amiga CompanionHow Does The Tank Mouse Work?

Does It Work Well With The Amiga?

How Do I Get The Tank Mouse?

Meet The Mighty Tank Mouse, Your New Wireless Amiga Companion

Here it is folks, the Tank Mouse in all it’s glory!

This little beauty is based on the iconic Commodore Amiga 1352 of yesteryear. With a classic retro vibe that wouldn’t look out of place in a scene from Flight of the Navigator, it looks the real deal.

Still, if there’s one thing we know all too well, it’s that looks can be deceiving.

Underneath this retro shell is a modern mouse with all the mod-cons we expect from 21st century gaming. We’re talking a bluetooth/wireless 2.4GHz mouse with a touch panel and slick buttons.

Not only that, but it connects up to your Amiga and your Mac or PC for everyday browsing.

The Tank Mouse is the gift that keeps on giving!

How Does The Tank Mouse Work?

Created by graphics and visual effects designer Lukas Remis, the Tank Mouse was born through a yearning to create pixel art through the Amiga. Not only that, but a mouse that could seamlessly work between old and new tech.

A big ask for most, but a doddle for Lukas.

This little remote connects to any modern computer without an adapter via Bluetooth 5.0. It’s powered by 3x AAA batteries and perfect for both left and right-handed users and available to anyone no matter where they are in the world.

Finally, something that gamers from all regions can use!

Does It Work Well With The Amiga?

It would be a bit of a shame if it didn’t after that exciting title, wouldn’t it?

The Tank Mouse works perfectly with the Amiga, though it does require a USB to DB9 adapter.

Currently, this doesn’t come as part of the package, but Lukas has stated that if he receives 150% of the required backing by the end of the campaign that a native adapter will be included with every mouse.

And with almost the full amount reached with 18 days to go at the time of writing, that looks like a serious possibility!

Currently, the RYS MKII adapter supports all functionality including scrolling, so there’s an easy solution if Lukas doesn’t meet the 150% target.

How Do I Get The Tank Mouse?

Visit the official Kickstarter page to pledge to the Tank Mouse campaign and secure yours today.

Units are expected to ship worldwide in November 2022. We’re looking forward to using ours on every device going once it arrives.

Are you excited by the Tank Mouse? Do you still love Amiga gaming?

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