We’re big Sneaker heads here in the Retro Dodo office, so seeing an awesome partnership between Nintendo and Puma makes us very happy indeed.

These were briefly revealed alongside the new Game & Watch handheld in Nintendo’s 35th Anniversary Direct today, so we’re currently running around like headless chickens trying to cover it all.

Just like the Nike N64 sneakers that was revealed last year, Puma has seen the love and wanted a slice of the pie. This time, they’ve made it more specific and partnered with Super Mario himself.

credit: footlocker

These new Super Mario Puma sneakers will be available to buy from Footlocker on the 4th September for approximately $125. There’s no news that these will be available outside of the US, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for that one.

These shoes are based off J Cole’s RS-Dreamer which is his signature shoe. These shoes have been out for some time but this new colab brings a new limited edition colorway, ready for nerds to rep.

Straight off the bat you can see that these represent Super Mario in more ways than one, first of all being the colours used, which represents his classic plumber uniform.

credit: footlocker

Majority of the 5/8 cut is red, with a hint of yellow on the grips and the blue turns into white along the ProFoam midsole.

Super Mario branding has been attached to the label at the tongue of the Sneaker, making it obvious for us collectors who like to show our geekiness.

If anything it looks a bit Sonic like, but the small attention to details like the silver makes it refreshingly Mario.

credit: footlocker

It screams “subtle nerd” and that’s exactly our style. If you take a look at the pictures below you can see even more detail.

For example, at the back there are golden stars, famous in Super Mario for making it overpowerd and temporarily immortal.

credit: footlocker

Then, inside of the sole, it looks as if there’s Super Mario 64 illustrations, only available for the owners eye. Again, this is some serious detailing, that goes unnoticed unless concentrating.

We have to try out the RS-Dreamer’s but friends of ours have mentioned how comfortable they are, and they’re priced fairly resonably too.

Let’s just hope these are available to the public outside of the US, or we’ll be paying hefty handling and shipping fees if so.

credit: footlocker

Is the Super Mario Puma sneaker something you would pick up, or is it too much or too little detailing for you?

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By Aman

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