The news of Mario’s 35th Birthday has taken the world by storm, and what better way to celebrate ‘ol moustache-faces big day than with these Super Mario shoes!

Nintendo’s influence spreads far and wide. From board games to mugs, video games to clothing, they have cornered every inch of the market thanks to their influential characters and classic titles.

And now, they’re looking at taking over the galaxy.

On a pair of shoes, at least.

All fans of Super Mario 64 will have seen the new announcement on Super Mario 3D All-Stars for the Nintendo Switch a few days ago.

We’ve already seen one new pair of sneaks announced in Nintendo’s new Super Mario Puma partnership, and now, Ninty are dropping two more new styles to coincide with the release of Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy.

Let’s check them out!

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New Super Mario Shoes – Take One Step Closer To Another GalaxyChecking Out The Different Designs

When Are These Super Mario Shoes Dropping?

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New Super Mario Shoes – Take One Step Closer To Another Galaxy

So you’ve already ordered a pair of Mario sneaks for working your way through Bob-omb Battlefield and navigating that crazy ice slide. Now, you can change your footwear for cleaning up gunk from Isle Delfino and again when you feel like ‘hot-footing’ it into the Galaxy.

Honestly, it’s hard working thinking up sneaker related puns. I reckon I can ‘shoehorn’ a few more in though…

(I know, even that one made me a little angry).

Checking Out The Different Designs

The shape of the shoe on both designs is exactly the same as the Red and Blue sneaks that have already dropped. But the two different colour palettes on these new trainers are very unique.

I know one guy who’s gonna be buying all three pairs of these shoes, and you all watch his face on the Retro Dodo YouTube channel on a regular basis.

The Super Mario Sunshine shoes above perfectly capture the twinkling lights on the waters surrounding Isle Delfino, and the blue could either be the sky, the sea, or that islander in a grass skirt who’s always hula dancing whenever you walk past.

These Super Mario Galaxy trainers look as though they’ve been sewn in space, with a blue and purple trail that looks fit for Mario to zoom along as he heads to discover distant planets.

They look mega comfy too, something which is important when you’re walking around playing handheld mode trying to find a nice spot to sit in…am I right?

When Are These Super Mario Shoes Dropping?

Reports are stating that these Puma Super Mario Shoes will be released next week, September 17th 2020 (for anyone reading from the future).

If we use the RS-Dreamer sneaks that have already been released as a guide, then Mario fans can expect to pay around $70 for smaller sizes and $125 for bigger sizes.

Good news if you’ve got little feet then!

Be prepared for these shoes to sell out quickly, mind you. If you want a pair then you’re going to have to be on the ball.

Keep checking the RS-Dreamer landing page on the Puma website for more information.

If you don’t want to pay twice the price on auction sites a few weeks down the line, then make sure you’re sitting behind your computer clicking refresh with your bank card in your hand…

… because Brandon will be buying multiple pairs.

That’s a fact!

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