Having a central hub for all of your gaming needs sounds like a pipe dream, but the Polymega provides just that. This all-in-one retro gaming hub is a clever platform that gives nostalgic gamers a place where they can play all of their favourite games from multiple systems on a single console.

The retro gaming has never been more exciting, which is a strange thing to say about games from the past. With modern technology constantly evolving, the way button-mash down ‘Nostalgia Boulevard’ is continually changing too, becoming slicker and more stylish – cooler in every way.

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What Is The Polymega?

The Polymega is capable of playing all of your original carts and discs from the PlayStation, NES, SNES, Saturn, Mega Drive, and PC engine, all from one sleek-looking unit. You can load up the best SEGA CD games and the best Neo Geo games with ease, basking in the brilliance of days-gone-by.

With over 30 compatible systems (multiple systems from different country regions) and over 9,000+ playable games, this thing could be a game changer (literally).

It even has a compatible light gun that works on HDTVs! Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!

Gone are the days where you need to rummage around for that lost AV cable or replace your broken retro console. With Polymega, replaying old games is simpler than ever, and it’s about to get even more exciting.

Ahead of the official Polymega launch later this year, the company have announced that they are adding cloud gaming support to their gaming repertoire. They’re already providing software support for retro-classic games and an online platform that could be set to rival the Nintendo Virtual Software line-up on the Switch, but now they’ve taken things one step further.

What’s Cloud-Based Gaming?

You might be wondering ‘why cloud-based gaming?’, especially after the luke-warm response from gamers towards projects such as Google Stadia. Still, this means that the Polymega won’t just be a console that only plays retro games; it could go on to replace every console underneath your TV.

Polymega are convinced that cloud-based gaming will change the video game industry as we know it, and once you read about their passion behind their vision, then you’ll want to grab a slice of pie just in case they’re right.

Cloud-based gaming is essentially a gaming service where you access games on remote servers, rather than having a physical disc or cart to plug in. It’s tipped to be the next big trend in the gaming world, and Polymega want to be the first ones riding the wave when it comes rolling in.

Check out the official statement from the team about the future-gen capabilities of the Polymega –

“As everyone knows, there’s a ton of ways of playing old games, and there’s also plenty of ways to play new games, too.

“However, there are zero products on the market today that are capable of playing both the vast majority of legacy physical games, and cutting edge new games on one system that’s modern, easy to use, and most importantly, legal.

“In the near future, mainstream adoption of a new technology called cloud gaming may disrupt the current-gen video game console business.

“If and when this happens, we think it’s going to create a short window of opportunity for an insurgent new product to seize a big piece of the console video games market. If you’ve paid attention to our interviews and media in the past, you’ve seen us drop hints about this.

“We’ve been carefully moving the chess pieces for years to put Polymega into a unique and advantageous position to blur the lines between the past, present, and future of gaming — and this is the last piece of critical information people who are interested in this product should know.

“So today, we’re excited to formally announce that Polymega will support current-gen game streaming services.

“Build your ideal playlist with the most advanced and visually intense games on the market today, streamed directly to your Polymega – while also having physical backwards compatibility with thousands of classic CD and cartridge-based games. Play it all through one incredible user experience.“

Beta consoles are being shipped out later this month after a delay. This is probably due to the coronavirus pandemic, though there may also be a few last-minute hiccups to iron out.

Have you ordered a beta model? Are you excited about hearing more on the Polymega? Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and give us your thoughts!

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