This is a collaboration I never thought would exist, but here we are in 2022, and Pikachu is now inside of an electric vehicle instead of a Pokeball.

The new Nintendo and Mini collaboration was official revealed at this year’s Gamescom, alongside a video that went out on YouTube promoting the upcoming “Aceman” electric vehicle.

Mini’s AceMan concept is a showcase of what’s to come in Mini’s lineup over the coming years and it features a wide number of features such as a LED filled front-grill, a circled smart touchscreen which shines light effects across the dashboard and a projector that shines onto walls in front of the vehicle.

Within the promotional video you can see friends watching the original Pokemon Movie outside of their Mini using the built-in projector.

It’s likely they are doing this through an application within the car, but it’s also possible to plug in a games console to play video comes through your vehicle. Perhaps this will be good for when you are camping or waiting for your partner to finish her shopping spree?

This is mini’s first-ever all-electric crossover SUV and it’s basically designed for everyday use, and the Pokemon collab has been created for fools like us to write about it to simply advertise Mini’s new product… and it worked.

Within the Aceman, you will be able to chose a number of “experience modes”, and with this edition, there is a Pokemon experience that turns the inside of your vehicle into Pikachu’s playground.

This will also show cool new exterior lights under the doors, and it will change the animation effects across your front grill and headlights.

The coolest part in my opinion has to be the interior effects of the Pokemon experience. It not only takes over the whole dashboard but the built in display evolves into a Pikachu that tells you the time, your speed, the weather and more depending on how you set it up.

Perhaps Mini will open this up to other Aceman customers further down the line, or it may be an exclusive feature for when (or if) this edition becomes a reality.

It’s a smart collaboration between them both, Pokemon is loved my all ages, and those who started with the original games are slowly moving into their early 30’s, which is the perfect demographic for the Mini Aceman, and likely who they both want to target.

What’s your thoughts on this, could it be one of the best Pokemon gifts of all time? A cool concept you could see yourself in, or another over the top marketing campaign with Pokemon slapped on front?

You can find the special MINI Concept Aceman in the merch area (Halle 5.2, Stand B10, D19), at Gamescom, where you’ll also be able to find another version of the car, presented in a life-sized Pokémon action figure packaging at our booth. 

By Aman

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