At any given moment, 99% of us are thinking about the new Street Fighter game release.

Hey, we’re only human, and we’ve all got gaming needs.

It’s been a long time since Street Fighter V dropped, over 5 years, in fact. The series as a whole is used to long gaps between main title release dates, with a gap of 8 years between Street Fighter IV and V and 11 years between III and IV.

So, I guess a 5 year wait isn’t looking so bad now, eh?

Capcom’s fighting behemoth never fails to rack up sales and bring in new customers, but what can we expect from the new Street Fighter game?

Here’s everything we know about the new release and some updates from Capcom themselves!

Everything We Know About The New Street Fighter Game

Capcom has been regularly dropping new content for us to get excited about, keeping Street Fighter V alive for as long as possible with new updates, characters, and exciting content.

Now, we’re all partial to a rumour here at Retro Dodo, in fact rumour is Brandon’s middle name (I think it’s actually something posh like Terrance…).

The word on the street is that a new Street Fighter game, namely Street Fighter IV or Street Fighter 6 has been in production for a while now.

At the end of a new update video for Street Fighter V, game director Takayuki Nakayama dropped a cheeky bombshell that has us all very excited.

He says that he and the team will be back with more news as to the future of Street Fighter, with a hint that they’ll be returning in the New Year to divulge more information on their newest project.

Street fighter V Gameplay – will we have more interactive stages in the new Street Fighter game?

The Struggles Of Street Fighter V

It’s no secret that Street Fighter V has been part slog, part labour of love. When this game first came out, it was heavily slammed for not having enough content.

I guess in a world where there are about 1 million Smash Bros characters, people want more bang for their buck than ever before.

Still, in the ensuing years since SFV dropped, Capcom has kept fans appeased by regularly releasing new characters.

Their latest video gives details on the last DLC fighter, Luke. After him, that’s it; no more extras to look forward to, which means that Mr Nakayama and the team might be finally putting the game to rest.

To me, that means that the new Street Fighter game is just around the corner, and I’m pretty sure Capcom won’t be making the same mistake again.

This time, we’ll be getting new characters from the off as well as all of the old ones available through downloads over the last 5+ years.

Things We Want From Street Fighter 6

It’s probably safe to assume that, for the most part, the gameplay will be the same as always. Straying too far away from the formula would take away the Street Fighter essence.

Essentially, we need a great soundtrack again and lots of characters to choose from. The return of parry attacks would be a nice feature, as would plenty of fighters to unlock from doing certain challenges or completing stages.

That’s one of the main reasons we all love Super Smash Bros, after all.

Let’s keep things exciting with tonnes of stages too, Capcom. Heck, make them interactive like the Mortal Kombat games.

And, most importantly, pay homage to the games that got you here in the first place. I’m talking classic stages from old games, souped up to look super-slick on the PS5.

Maybe releasing multi-platform would be a winner too for those that STILL cant’ get hold of a PS5.

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