A new Sonic game looks as though it’s on the cards for 2021 after a rather cryptic tweet from Sega themselves.

We love getting a hold of easter eggs that fans have found which point towards new games on the horizon. But when the company themselves start dropping hints, then we start to lose our minds a little from the excitement.

This news comes straight after the bombshell that Sega has just dropped regarding the next classic mini consoles that the company is looking to release.

They have now officially used the terms ‘SG100 Mini’ and ‘Dreamcast Mini’ in an interview online.

If that isn’t confirmation that we’re getting not one, but two new mini consoles that we’ve all been hoping for, then I don’t know what is.

And with the Sonic 30th Anniversary just around the corner, 2021 is already shaping up to be one heck of a year for fans of gaming’s fastest speedster.

Featured image Sonic Switch Collection Credit: Reddit

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Sonic Tweet Teaser Sparks Hopes Of New Sonic Game!What Could This New Sonic Game Information Mean?

Sonic’s 30th Anniversary

A New Sonic Game Collection

Sonic Tweet Teaser Sparks Hopes Of New Sonic Game!

Here’s the tweet that kicked everything off.

Mathematically speaking, Sonic is aesthetically pleasing. pic.twitter.com/jFdWn8XOvr

— Sonic the Hedgehog (@sonic_hedgehog) October 7, 2020

Now, apart from being a cool-looking picture, I guess that this is something that most people might just scroll on past without a second thought.

Apart from the fact that now all I can thinking about is playing Sonic!

But you know what us retro gamers are like. We’re the kind of people who stay sitting in our seats until the end of a Marvel film to see the 20-second clip of Nick Fury chatting to a new recruit or Bucky stepping out of a hut in Wakanda.

This cryptic photo, twinned with the fact that rumours have been circulating about a new Sonic game throughout 2020 for a while now, made some eagle-eyed followers lean in for a closer look.

First news of Sega planning a ‘Sonic Adventure themed’ event with Eizo Sakamoto singing the official theme song ‘Open Your Heart’, and now a new piece of the puzzle to decipher…

… this one is far from being elementary, my dear Tails.

Take a look at what Twitter user @SamsProStation found hidden in the picture.


Thanks to Sam’s eagle eyes, a secret ‘3’ hidden on Sonic’s cheek has been revealed to the world.

To further back this up, Mike Pollock, the voice behind the moustachioed menace Dr Robotnik added to the fray by referencing the song ‘3 is a Magic Number’.

I think it’s ok for you to get excited now!

What Could This New Sonic Game Information Mean?

I’m glad you asked.

I’ve already touched upon the fact that Sega has announced that they are holding a Sonic Adventure-style event.

For those of you that need a little refresher on the best Dreamcast games, let me fill you in.

Sonic Adventure launched with the Dreamcast back in 1998. A sequel was released in 2001, which is the year that the console officially went to the computer scrapheap in the sky.

Could the ‘3’ on Sonic’s cheek twinned with this new and exciting Sonic Adventure event mean that we’re going to be seeing a new Sonic game – Sonic Adventure 3?

My mind is racing with the possibilities, but that seems like a good initial train of thought to roll with.

Sonic Adventure 3 would be an incredible way to celebrate Sonic’s 30th birthday, after all.

Sonic’s 30th Anniversary

Hang on; maybe I’m not thinking big enough.

June 2021 will mark 30 years of Sonic the Hedgehog racing around our screens.

2021 will also mark 20 years of the Sega Dreamcast being out of action.

Could we be seeing a new Sonic game dropping with the Dreamcast Mini? A new adventure pre-loaded onto the console itself along with other classics such as Skies of Arcadia and Marvel VS Capcom 2?

It’s not out of the question, especially since Sega has promised us all ‘a year of celebrations’ including ‘new games, digital content, major announcements and a tailored licensing programme’.

What could be more major than the Dreamcast Mini and a new Sonic game?

Ok, we know we’re getting the Astro City Mini and the Game Gear Micro, but those are things we already know about.

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A New Sonic Game Collection

Sonic Switch Collection Credit: Reddit

Mario seems to be tighter with Sonic than he is with his own brother these days, so it’s not unreasonable to think that the new Sonic game could be a collection of ‘3’ of the best games that have been brought out over the years.

That mysterious ‘3’ could well be pointing towards a 3D All-Stars release just like Mazza.

The pair do run the Olympic Games together every year, so it wouldn’t surprise me if we saw a similar compendium dropping for a multiple-console release.

But what games would be in the collection? Would there be a Chao Garden bonus area included too, a little like the Mii Plaza rather than just a section built-into the game?

The possibilities are endless, and with 2021 just a stones throw away, I don’t think that we’re going to have to wait long to find out what Sega has up its sleeve.

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