Switch fans have been waiting patiently for Mario Kart 9 for some time now. We let the fact that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was a Wii U game brought to the Switch; we just wanted a Switch racing game, for crying out loud!

Still, the pull of new mazza-multiplayer-mayhem has players on tenterhooks, and we might not have to wait as long as we first thought. Could the list of Mario multiplayer games be about to grow?

Here’s what we know!

We love a good rumour here at Retro Dodo, and talk of Mario Kart 9 dropping in 2023 could be the tonic everyone needs to kickstart their year.

For many, the past few years was the equivalent of having a Blooper ink up your vision while falling on a banana skin and sitting on a blue shell, and no one wants that again!

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Everything We Know About Mario Kart 9The Best Selling Racing Game In US History

What Is The Mario Kart 9 Release Date

New Mario Kart 9 Features

Everything We Know About Mario Kart 9

**UPDATE 11/01/2022*

Nintendo have been dropping more and more hints about Mario Kart 9 being actively in production, with many analysts proposing news about a definitive release date heading our way within a matter of months.

One analyst, Dr Serkan Toto, has called out that the new series is going to utilise a ‘new twist. Queue the theories… and some of them have gained a lot of traction!

The two most popular ideas; a Star collection system and F1-style pit-stops to recuperate in after taking damage.

If that was more like the green strip on F-Zero rather than an actual pitstop, I think I’d be more on board. As it stands, that could be more annoying than the bloomin’ character swapping in Double Dash!

Keep checking back for more updates as and when we get them!

The Best Selling Racing Game In US History

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe still sells faster than Toad’s special mushroom burgers at Peach’s holiday cookout, which is probably why Nintendo haven’t released Mario Kart 9 yet. Still, that game first came out in 2014 on the Wii-U, which means it’s time for a change.

It’s sold over 40-million copies for crying out loud, making it the best selling racing game in US history!

The past few years have been jam-packed full of rumours for a new Mario game, though none of them came to fruition. That makes Mario Kart 9 dropping this year even more likely, especially now the Metroid Prime 4 Release Date has leaked along with other titles such as the Ocarina of Time Switch edition.

So what’s going to change? Well, after the huge success of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, word on the street is that characters from multiple franchises will be available.

We’re talking Marth racing Pac-Man, Banjo racing Pikachu, and Little Mac racing Sonic.

This promises to be the best racing game of our freakin’ lives!

What Is The Mario Kart 9 Release Date

Sources close to Ninty and Mazza claim the new game is finished and ready to go. That means players racing around new tracks with new characters as early as Q3 2023.

Please, let it be true!

New Mario Kart 9 Features

Nintendo hasn’t changed the Mario Kart formula for many-a-year now. Ok, there was that short blip with Double Dash, but the same ‘race, fire shell, gloat at mates’ system has been the core to every game since the SNES.

Now, however, talk of new features such as tackling other opponents SSX Tricky-style is on the cards, as well a boosting via shaking Joycon remotes as opposed to finding red mushrooms.

What better game to launch with the new Nintendo Switch Pro!

Regular readers know how these articles play out. This information comes from an anonymous source, but anonymous sources often prove to be right on the mark with these things.

As ever, keep checking back for more information as this story unfolds!

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