You may be thinking that gaming magazines are a thing of the past, and even though every gamer that was born in the 90’s had stacks of them under their beds to keep it from breaking, their are still a handful of companies making them to such a high standard that we can’t help but start collecting them again.

And that’s saying something because I personally haven’t bought a gaming magazine in years, in fact the last one I bought was probably Edge Magazine back in 2010!

Lock On is premium gaming journal delivering thought-provoking stories, insightful features and carefully curated art from industry talent, including plenty of content on retro gaming consoles.

Lock On Gaming Journal was created by the talented publishing team known as Lost In Cult, a start-up based in the United Kingdom who have a goal of creating high end physical products about gaming.

Volume 001 was successfully backed on Kickstarter in no time at all and once readers and gaming enthusiasts got wind of the quality and the incredible stories from many well known names across the industry it was inevitable that Volume 002 was going to be popular too.

And that it was, with only 10% of Volume 002 stock left after being released a few weeks ago it’s a sign that printed gaming magazines still have life in them, especially when a group of talented individuals know how to package it up and ram it full of incredible artwork, superb journalism and a whole bunch of impactful interesting stories.

Each volume comes in a normal softcover which starts at £20, but for those of you that want to collect the limited edition variants which come in hardback and a whole lot of goodies (trading cards and prints), it will cost just £50 to be one of the select few to get hold of a hardback edition.

Typically the hardbacks sell out fast and Lost In Cult love to keep their products some what limited as it adds to the “collectors high” that we all know and love.

As of now they are currently working on Volume 003 which no doubt be even better than their previous volumes.

The Lock On gaming journals in the past have featured over 200 pages of content, well known artists such as Sam McKenzie, Bani-chan, Phoebe Paradise and others.

Not only that, you may notice some of the writers in the volumes, such as Jason Brown who contributes a lot to Retro Dodo, Janet Garcia, and even gaming YouTubers such as TheGoldenBolt and iPlayGames 64. The talent is endless.

Lost In Cult have packaged up huge collaborations, one of a kind art and incredible stories into a well produced book that we can respectfully put on our display shelves. It’s a statement piece, a snippet of video game history and a well deserved nod to many names in the industry.

It’s a magazine you can read in years to come, a book that can be shared, and one that you can be proud of owning because there’s only a couple thousand of them ever made.

No, don’t WATA Grade them, but do keep them in good condition, because we can imagine the Lock On series will forever grow, and having limited editions of the first volumes is sure to be a wanted product for future gaming print collectors.

Lost In Cult are also teasing a new upcoming “Presents” category to their physical products which is launching in 2022. This is likely to be some of their best work and if it matches the quality of their current journals then it’s likely going to be one of the best gaming books and a product you’re going to want.



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