LEGO has officially teased their first ever retro gaming set, which just so happens to be the LEGO NES set, one of the most iconic home consoles Nintendo has ever created.

It was revealed on their twitter as a tease, hiding the TV and console behind a silhouette with LEGO saying “are you ready to play like never before?”

It may be tricky to see, and the colours used don’t really resemble the NES in anyway, but we’ve taken to photoshop to do some adjustments, and with the small tweak of exposure, you can clearly see it’s the NES.

credit: lego

The controller is the most obvious that gives it away!

The more we look, the more proof we find. An image leaked from VJGamer shows full blown images of the set, including artwork and official pieces.

VJGamer also revealed some more information regarding the set. This LEGO NES set apparently has 2646 pieces, is 8 inches in diameter, and can be partnered with the Lego Mario Set in order to become interactive.


You can buy the LEGO NES set individually should you not want the interactive version. On it’s own it starts at around £229.99/$249.99 so it’s no small set.

It’s aimed towards adults, who want to build the ultimate retro gaming machine, so that they can reminisce about the old times playing with the best NES accessories.


Not only do you build the console itself you are also building the controller, a game cartridge and an old school TV to go with it.

On the side of the TV it looks as if you can twist a mechanism in order to slightly move Mario, or this could be something to move the ground which would make it look more realistic. But who knows, this twisty thing could mean anything! Perhaps, it moves the world?


Looking at the back of the TV it really does look as if Nintendo and LEGO has taken a lot into consideration. You can see the AV cables, the antenna and the stickers.


This is first time LEGO has done anything like this officially, previous we had the LEGO Gameboy but that was fan made. Perhaps they could start a trend, and be moving to newer and newer Nintendo consoles in the future?


Imagine your best Gameboy Color games being Lego’ified!? This set is due to launch in August of this year.


Imagine the Lego Gamecube! Holy smokes, that would be the dream. What console would you like LEGO to make? Let us know over on Twitter @retro_dodo, we’d like to hear your thoughts.

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