Okay, this is one that we should really take with a grain of salt, but Anbernic might be making a micro gaming device. The Anbernic Micro? The Anbernic Mini Mini?

I dunno what they will call this thing if it ever happens for real. Probably something stupid, like the ‘RG15xx‘.

But I’m not totally convinced this one will ever go to market.

We’ve already got micro devices in the scene. And we know that they are something cute to give to a gaming fan for their birthday or Christmas.

Heck, If Anbernic really wanted to make a micro console, they should have done it before the holidays!

Nobody is out here dying for a really awesome micro to actually play.

But I’m thinking that this was something thrown together just for fun.

If Anbernic ever manufactures these, they surely will not do so in the effort to push the handheld gaming genre forward and deliver something groundbreaking.

You know what? They might actually sell it as a niche gimmick thing. And they might sell literally tens of them!

Again, it’s likely entirely an experiment and something done out of fun.

The image is credible, as it comes from the same leak source that Retro Handhelds shared with the Anbernic RG405M. You can see the RG405M in the background of the photo.

Let’s all just look at this one and say “okay, that’s cute”, and move on. I’m not trying to play Mario Kart 64 on a 1.5 inch screen. Ever.

By Aman

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