Puzzle solving is a huge part of the Sonic Frontiers experience. While there’s no denying that Sonic is still a hedgehog born to speed, he needs more than his fancy footwork to save the day. 

Not only does puzzle solving unlock the map – which our handy how to unlock the map in Sonic Frontiers guide explains – but it’s also the key to progressing the story. If you ever intend to make it off Kronos Island you need to embody the great mind of Professor Layton. 

Okay, so the puzzles aren’t necessarily as time consuming as what the Professor deals with, but they can be frustrating. Reaching Stage 1-7 is the puzzle everyone is talking about (though we cracked that nut in our how to reach Stage 1-7 article), but A Grave Mystery is also an awkward customer. 

And, like Stage 1-7, Sonic can’t progress the main story without completing it. 

Fortunately for you, we’re extremely nice and dedicated people here at Retro Dodo and so we have a step-by-step guide to A Grave Mystery. If you’re ready to meet the Kronos Island Titan without further delays, it’s time to lay this puzzle to rest. 

How To Solve A Grave Mystery In Sonic Frontiers

To complete A Grave Mystery you need to turn the highlighted tombstones by pressing the y button, then use the left thumbstick to rotate the stones. A blue beam of light will show you the direction you’re currently facing. Once in the correct position, the highlighted tombstones will connect to form a pattern. 

As simple as that sounds, actually getting all the tombstones to connect at the same time is a fiddly feat. Much like that tongue twister we just threw in for fun! 

The trick to ensuring you succeed is to take your time. 

The tombstones you’ll be moving are positioned in a cross formation. If you make a mistake, I advise you to reload your previous save to reset the puzzle. 

Begin by rotating the left tombstone north, then select the right tombstone to turn it southwest.

Next you need to select the top tombstone and rotate it south. From here, select the bottom tombstone and turn it so it too is facing southward.

You now need to select the left tombstone and turn it north, then turn the right tombstone southwest. If you’ve followed these steps exactly the pattern will glow and a cutscene will play. 

If the screenshots aren’t helping remember this:

Left tombstone: north, right tombstone: southwest, top tombstone: south, bottom tombstone: south, left tombstone: north, right tombstone: southwest

Now you’ve conquered A Grave Mystery, it’s time to scale the waterfall and bring down that Titan. Take deep breaths because you’re going to need your wits about you – it’s a fast paced, hard hitting battle!

This might be a good time to brush up on your parrying skills, so head on over to our how to parry enemies in Sonic Frontiers article to give yourself a refresher. Trust me, knowing exactly what buttons to press is a lifesaver. 

By Aman

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