In this quick and easy-to-follow guide will show you how to get to Pewter City in Pokemon Gold and Silver.

Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal are some of the best Pokemon games ever created. They not only set a standard for the games to come in the future, but they also showed how great a Pokemon game can get. The addition of the Kanto region and the return of the trainer red is just awesome.

But as these games are old, they are not very user-friendly. And many players seem to get stuck at places and don’t know how to get out of them. Just like you, who is trying to get to Pewter city, but no route can be found. In this guide, we will walk you through the entire process of reaching Pewter City.


Before getting to Pewter City, you need to do some tasks and be at a particular place. First and foremost, as you may know, Pewter City is in Kanto, and you reach here after defeating the elite four. If you need any help reaching Kanto and getting to the elite four, read this –

Pewter City is where the infamous gym leader Brock can be found. You can battle him if you want to once you get there!

How to get to Pewter City in Pokemon Gold?

To get to Pewter City you’ll have to pass a cave that a big Snorlax is blocking. Your destination is just across this cave, but reaching it is hard as you can’t get through this big boy quickly. Just like in the Red and Blue games, you need to play a particular tune to get the Snorlax to clear the way.

But it isn’t as easy as playing the flute this time around. You literally need access to the radio station in the Kanto region. But getting there and playing the tune is quite tricky as well. So make sure you read the proceeding steps thoroughly!

To wake Snorlax up, you’ll need to tune into the Pokeflute station. This Pokeflute station can only be tuned in if you have a card that allows it.

You’ll have to go to lavender town’s radio station to get this card. But first, you’ll have to help the people at the power plant to restore the power plant of Kanto. It is a tedious process, but you’ll be in Pewter City by the end of it!

How to move Snorlax in Pokemon Gold & Silver

Thanks to the Team Rocket’s shenanigans in Cerulean City‘s Power Plant, a generator is missing. You’ll have to retrieve this generator which is near Cerulean’s city gym, and somewhere in the water, you’ll eventually find the missing generator (you can find the generator by repeatedly pressing the A button).

Take this back to the power plant, and they will use it to bring light to the region of Kanto once again.

Next up, head to Lavender Town, and enter the Radio Tower. You’ll meet a man in a suit, interact with him, and he’ll give you the card that you desire. Now with the card in your possession, go back to the stubborn Snorlax. Tune into the Pokefulte station using the card, and interact with Snorlax.

As you have caused a disturbance in its pleasant nap, it’ll attack you, so be ready to fight. Once you defeat the Snorlax, you can capture it or just move on.

Once the big Pokemon is cleared from the entrance to the cave, you are free to pass through and make your way to your destination, i.e., Pewter City!

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