I love catching version exclusive Pokemon, especially when they’re easy to find. If you’re just like me then you’ll want to catch Stonjourner. 

This Rock type Pokemon is strangely cute despite its stony exterior, and can prove incredibly useful when facing Bug, Fire, and Ice types. If you’ve been wondering how to beat Grusha, the Glaseado Gym Leader, this Pokemon will definitely help. 

As promised, Stonjourner is easy to find and catch. If you want one to call your very own, let’s stop wasting time and get searching!

Where To Catch Stonjourner In Pokemon Scarlet

The quickest and easiest way to get Stonjourner is to travel to Asado Desert. 

According to the Pokedex, this is the only place to find it in the whole of Paldea. 

If you’ve already learnt how to beat Kofu at the Casscarrafa Gym, then you’ll know Asado Desert well – you have to cross it to take part in a really lengthy Gym Challenge. 

Simply wander the desert until you spot Stonjourner. Which shouldn’t be hard considering it’s a massive 8 ft 2 in. 

Once you’ve caught it, you can choose to keep it in your Party or send it to your Boxes. 

Before you start planning ahead to evolve Stonjourner, allow me to prevent you from wasting your time: Stonjourner doesn’t evolve. 

Although this may be disappointing for some, I think it’s a rather fitting feature of this lumbering giant. 

That’s it. There’s no sneaky tricks, difficult tasks, or hidden items to find.

If you fancy more of a challenge when Pokemon hunting, you might want to read how to get Rabsca. I’d also suggest checking the mystery gift codes in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet for exclusives available to all trainers. 

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