I’m back with another Pokemon Scarlet exclusive! 

This time we’re searching for Skrelp, a Mock Kelp Pokemon that can be found in the waters of Paldea. 

Introduced in Generation VI, it’s a familiar Poison/Water type Pokemon for a lot of players. However, while it may be familiar to many, it’s not available to everyone. 

If you’re a Pokemon Violet player, this guide won’t be much use to you – I suggest you read how to get Bagon, a Pokemon Violet exclusive. Best of all, it evolves into one of the best Dragon type Pokemon. 

For those sticking around to catch Skrelp, it’s time to Surf into the Paldean sea. 

Where To Catch Skrelp In Pokemon Scarlet

You will find Skrelph in the South, West, North, and East Paldean Sea. To catch Skrelp early on, head to the South Paldean Sea, easily accessible from the beach by Nemona’s house in Cabo Poco.

Although you can get it quite early on, you’ll need to learn how to surf first. 

Skrelp isn’t a rare Pokemon by any means. In fact, I’ve encountered several outbreaks during my journey across Paldea. 

You’ll also find Skrelp in these locations:

  • North Paldean Sea
  • West Paldean Sea
  • South Paldean Sea

How To Evolve Skrelp In Pokemon Scarlet

Skrelp evolves into Dragalge at Level 48.

Dragalge is a Poison/Dragon type.

If you don’t fancy waiting until that level to get one, you can also catch Dragalge in the wild too. 

Head to the North Paldean Sea – I travelled to Casseroya Lake then swam out. However, you could also travel from North Province (Area Three) or North Province (Area One). 

Just like with Skrelp, they’re a fairly common occurrence and easy to catch. 

I hope you find lots of Skrelp on your travels! If you’re Pokemon hunting, you might want to learn how to glide, that way you can access a lot more areas of the map. 

By Aman

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