Jigglypuff is by far one of the cutest Pokemon you can catch. So, why wouldn’t you want an angry (sorry, angrier) version of it?

If you’re a Pokemon Scarlet trainer who just answered yes, you’re in luck!

All you need to do is travel to the Great Crater of Paldea and head to the bottom. If you’ve not done this yet, you should read how to reach Area Zero for a quick walkthrough. 

Once you get there, you’ll be greeted by Scream Tail, an Ancient Pokemon who’s as adorable as it is deadly.

Cute and deadly? Sign me up! 

Where To Catch Scream Tail In Pokemon Scarlet

To catch Scream Tail you need to visit Area Zero; Scream Tail is common in this environment, so finding one is easy. However, if you want to catch one on your first visit to Area Zero, look inside the cave by the third Research Station. 

Don’t bother checking your Pokedex for this one because it says “Habitat unknown”. This is because Scream Tail is a Paradox Pokemon, meaning it isn’t native to modern day Paldea. 

This Ancient version of Jigglypuff is one of eight Paradox Pokemon Scarlet players can find at Area Zero (this number includes Koraidon). If you haven’t caught Koraidon yet you might want to take my how to get Koraidon guide with you, just in case.

To get the Paradox Pokemon from Violet you’ll need to do some online trading with friends. 

Please keep in mind that Scream Tail can’t be bred, and, as far as I’m aware, it can’t evolve either.

We’re so glad to finally have a Scream Tail of our very own, and hope you managed to get one too. If you’re loving this game as much as me, why not see what mystery gift codes for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are currently available? 

And be sure to stick around if you’re interested in catching more Paradox Pokemon because we’ve still got six more to catch! 

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