One of the most exciting features of any new Pokemon game is the new generation of Pokemon. We love to hate them and hate to love them, but we will always work hard to get them. 

A Pokemon we can all agree is totally adorbs and worth catching is Bellibolt. 

Its big eyes, wide smile, and big belly all help create one of the most adorable Pokemon we’ve seen in a long time. We want one. But there’s a teensy little problem: they have a rare catch rate. 

If you want to add this new Electric type to your party then you might want to stick around because we know the easy way to get a Bellibolt. 

Where To Catch Bellibolt In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

You can find Bellibolt at Glaseado Mountain in North Province. But the easiest way to get Bellibolt is to evolve Tadbulb using a Thunder Stone. 

Other locations to find Bellibot include:

  • South Province (Area Four)
  • South Province (Area Six)
  • Casseroya Lake
  • East Province (Area Three)

Although that seems like a lot of locations, Bellibolt is “very rarely seen” according to the Pokedex. This is why evolving Tadbulb is much easier and quicker.

If you haven’t got Tadbulb go and read my how to get Tadbulb guide for the lowdown. 

Once you’ve caught Tadbulb you need a Thunder Stone. Fortunately, there’s two ways you can obtain one: search for one or buy one. 

If you want to buy one, head to a Delibird Presents shop in Mesagoza, Cascarrafa or Levincia to purchase one for 3,000 Pokedollars. 

Just an FYI, you can’t buy one until you’ve got at least three Gym Badges. If battling Gym Leaders is a stumbling block for you don’t forget to use Retro Dodo’s how to beat Brassius article to feel more at ease. 

Should you want to save your money – a thrifty choice – then you should head to West Province (Area One) and search for the four windmills. One of them will have a Thunder Stone ready and waiting. 

Now you’ve got the stone, all you need to do is open your Bag via the Menu and scroll to Other Items. Select the Thunder Stone to use it on Tadbulb and you’ll watch as it evolves before your very eyes. Nicely done. 

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