If you thought you had completed your handheld collection but saw this little gem in our how much is a Game Boy worth article, then you might be wondering how to buy a Game Boy Micro today.

The Game Boy Micro was the very last Game Boy that Nintendo ever produced. They had toyed with making a truly tiny handheld for a while, and in September 2005, they finally did it.

The Game Boy Micro really is Micro too. At just 50×101×17.2 mm, it’s pretty much the same size as the Game Gear Micro mini console that Sega has recently released.

Alas, overshadowed by the Game Boy Advance SP AGS–100 back-lit model and the marketing campaign for the Nintendo DS, the Micro didn’t sell as well as Nintendo had hoped.

In all honesty, I think this was just a bit of a ‘novelty Ninty project’ (try saying that 100 times!) that they wanted to get out of their system as one final hurrah to the legacy of the Game Boy.

Whatever the reason behind its creation, the Game Boy Micro is a sleek little handheld that plays all of the best Gameboy Advance games perfectly. Here’s everything you need to know about how to buy a Game Boy Micro and where you can purchase one!

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Where Can I Buy A Game Boy Micro?How Much Does A Game Boy Micro Cost?

What Condition Game Boy Micro Should I Buy?

Should I Buy A Game Boy Micro Or A Game Boy Advance?

What Is the Best Game Boy Micro?

What Is The Best Limited Edition Game Boy Micro?

Where Can I Buy A Game Boy Micro?

How Much Does A Game Boy Micro Cost?

If you’re interested in this small slice of handheld history, then you can pick up a used Game Boy Micro for around $50. Boxed editions tend to sell for around $500, but you can get hold of refurbished consoles with boxes for about $300.

A Game boy Micro in a plastic case will set gamers back around $200, though $699+ is the purchase price of boxed Mario 20th Anniversary edition.

And that’s not the most expensive one out there. A rare Pokemon Center limited edition console recently went for over $1,500!

What Condition Game Boy Micro Should I Buy?

New handhelds tend to cost a lot of money, so most gamers who are reading this article (myself included) would probably opt for a second hand console.

Game Boy Micros are, as you might have guessed, pretty small. I imagine it will have been all-too-easy for any previous owners to have dropped them or lost them down the side of the sofa. Watch out for scratched screens too!

Always take a good look at seller feedback before you buy and make sure that the console looks good on both the back and the front. If you get some games too, then that’s a bonus!

Should I Buy A Game Boy Micro Or A Game Boy Advance?

There are some important differences between these two console that should help you decide.

For starters, the Game Boy Advance doesn’t have a back-lit screen. That means you’ll need the annoying worm light from our Gameboy accessories list if you want to play in the dark.

The Game Boy Micro only plays Game Boy Advance games, whereas the Advance plays games from the DMG and the best Game Boy Color games too. If backwards compatibility is a key feature that you require, then the GBA is the way to go.

What Is the Best Game Boy Micro?


The great thing about the Game Boy Micro is that you can customise it with different faceplates. In that respect, every Game Boy Micro is the best!

There are specific consoles that follow different colour schemes such as the Mother3 edition in the picture above, but most units on second-hand sites will be the standard grey original edition.

Face plates are very easy to come by too. Our favourite has to be this Game Boy Micro Boo Faceplate.

Spooky stuff!


What Is The Best Limited Edition Game Boy Micro?

Credit: Pinterest

If we’re talking about the best limited edition Game Boy Micro, then there can only really be two main competitors.

The first would have to be the Mario 20th anniversary edition featuring a Japanese Famicom design. This Micro has the same look and feel as the new Game & Watch unit that Nintendo has brought out to celebrate Mario’s 35th anniversary too.

Shouldn’t Mario be thinking about retiring soon instead? Do plumbers age differently in the Mushroom Kingdom?

The most sought after limited edition Game Boy Micro is the Pokemon Centre edition I touched upon earlier in this article, now pictured above.

This Micro is sleek, simple, yet as gnarly as a Charizard during mating season. The little Pikachu logo looks as though it should belong on a fancy t-shirt brand, and take a look at that box!

With three sets of starter Pokemon and ol Pika-face himself on there, this box is worth a pretty penny. Boxed versions of this Limited Edition Micro are selling for $1500+, so if you have one hidden away in your attic, I’d dust it off and look after it!


And that’s a wrap! Thanks for checking out our article on how to buy a Game Boy Micro in today. This console might not be as well known as its old brothers, but it’s the last Game Boy ever made, and that makes it a must-have console for your collection.

Remember to aways double check seller feedback and screen condition before you purchase!

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