If you’re busy getting stuck into the new Klonoa Door to Phantomile for Switch, Xbox, Playstation, or Steam, then you’ll be needing to find out how to beat Evil Seadoph and Evil Pamela in Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series!

And trust me, these water dwelling bad-guys are slippery critters!

Towards the end of Vision 2-2, Klonoa and Huepaw rescue a little fish from a cage. Enter Karal, the colourful-little creature that will take you to the boss fight, and a shocking twist that will make you drop whatever you’re holding and cry out in shock and horror.

Ok, maybe I’m over-egging that a little bit, but it’s my job to keep you hooked until the end of the article.

*Warning* – You’re about to delve into a world of plot spoilers as I take you step-by-step through the second boss in Klonoa Door to Phantomile, the first game in the Phantasy Reverie Series. If you don’t want to ruin the game for yourself, then look away now!

How To Beat Evil Seadoph And Evil Pamela In Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series

After entering the underwater cavern, Evil Seadoph floats up into the air and starts calling out Klonoa and Huepaw. There’s nothing like a bad-guy badmouthing our hero to get me mad, but then there’s a twist.

Karal calls out to its mama, and we see a large barracuda-type fish enter the fray. Enter Evil Pamela, the softest-sounding enemy in existence.

Still, don’t write her off as a soft-touch just yet!

Evil Seadoph and Evil Pamela work together to try and take you out. Seadoph will ride around on spiky balls that you’ll need to dodge and jump over while Pamela is trying to knock into you as she circles over the walkway.

Your job, while avoiding everything going on, is to fire a wind bullet at Seadoph and hold him above your head. Make sure you don’t get hit by other spikes or Pamela, otherwise he’ll be released.

Once holding Seadoph, fire him into Pamela’s side and watch as the old girl get’s hit with sparks. That’s a bit of health off her; now you’ve just got to do it three more times!

Defeating Evil Seadoph And Evil Pamela – Round Two

Once you’ve got ol’ Sealegs and Pam down town to half-health, Pamela will add to the chaos by adding bubbles to the spiky balls and dive-bombs.

Dodge the bubbles just like you would the spiky balls, but make sure to time your jumps as the bubbles float around.

Seriously, this game’s meant to be for kids and it did a good job of stressing me out!

Keep doing the same process of double-jumping over balls, grabbing Seadoph, ducking and diving under bubbles, and connecting with Pamela as she jumps overhead.

Eventually, you’ll get Pamela down to zero health and Joka will appear. This guy doesn’t know when to give up!

After a brief cutscene, Evil Seadoph will just become Seadoph again. He sets about sorting the flow of water and asks Karal to take Klonoa and Huepaw back down the river.

Guess he wasn’t a bad guy after all!

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for checking out this article on how to beat evil Seadoph and Evil Pamela in Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series! This was a a tricksy little boss that could easily take a couple of lives off you if you don’t keep your eye on the ball.

My top tips – keep your eye on the bubbles and make sure to stay clear of Pamela as she jumps over the walkway. Don’t try to jump over her… it’ll just end in tears.

If for some reason you’ve found your way here without beating Boss 1, then take a look at how to beat Rongo Lango in Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series.

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