It’s time to take down another Team Star Base. This time we have our sights locked on Atticus, the Poison Crew Leader. 

You’re welcome to face Atticus earlier on in your Operation Starfall quest, but Atticus is the recommended third Crew Leader to battle. This is because his Pokemon are between Level 32 and 33, making him harder than Giacomo and Mela.

If you’ve yet to beat any other Leaders, I suggest you read how to beat Mela before attempting this. 

I wouldn’t say Atticus is difficult to beat, just that he uses a lot more Pokemon than the previous two Crew Leaders. If you’re up to the challenge, it’s time to hit Team Star where it hurts! 

Table of Contents

Where To Find The Poison Crew Base

Begin A Star Barrage

What Pokemon Does Atticus Use?

How To Beat Atticus In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Atticus Poison Crew Leader Rewards

Where To Find The Poison Crew Base

The Poison Crew (aka Navi Squad) is located in Tagtree Thicket, just north of Zapapico in East Province (Area Three). 

Upon your approach we’ll once again bump into Clive who’s been surveying the Base waiting for your arrival. Chat with him, then walk up to the main gates. 

Although there’s a Poison Crew Grunt guarding the door, they’ll run off to warn the others. However, you’ll still have to battle. This time you’ll be facing Pokemon Trainer Youssef, a young Academy student who is fiercely passionate about Atticus. 

As long as you’ve got a Psychic or Ground type Pokemon you will beat Youssef with ease, as he only has a Level 30 Gulpin and Level 31 Shroodle.

My Armarouge wiped the floor with Youssef’s Pokemon thanks to it being a Fire/Psychic type. If you don’t have Armarouge yet, take a look at how to evolve Charcadet in Pokemon Scarlet. 

Beat Youssef and Cassiopeia will give you a call to provide a quick lowdown on the Base and what to expect. You know the drill by now. 

Begin A Star Barrage

I won’t go into too much detail here as most of you will have a couple of Crew Bases under your belt already. However, if you don’t know what a Star Barrage is you essentially need to take down 30 Pokemon in 10 minutes using your first three Pokemon. 

Press the R Bumper to direct your Pokemon during the battle, and be sure to use the Vending Machines if you need healing. 

For my assault I used Armarouge, Bellibolt, and Gengar. My reasoning for Bellibolt is that he knows Mud Shot, a Ground type move that can hit hard. As for Gengar, I chose it because, once again, it was one of my highest level Pokemon. 

Other good choices include Drowzee, easily found in South Province (Area Two), and Mudbury, found across Paldea but particularly active in West Province (Area One). 

What Pokemon Does Atticus Use?

  • Skuntank – Level 32 (Poison/Dark)
  • Revavroom – Level 33 (Poison/Steel)
  • Muk – Level 32 (Poison)
  • Navi Starmobile – Level 32 (Poison)

How To Beat Atticus In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Ground or Psychic type Pokemon will help you beat Atticus with ease. However, Fire types, like Arcanine, will also prove effective against Revavroom. 

Unlinke Giacomo and Mela, Atticus has several Pokemon in his Party; this doesn’t necessarily make the battle harder, just slightly longer. 

Also, while Fire types can work here, the move Bulldoze is especially brutal for them due to their weakness to Rock/Ground types. 

I rotated my Party to suit the Pokemon sent out, trying to exploit type weaknesses whenever I could. However, I did rely on Armarouge the most. 

No matter who you take with you, just don’t forget to have Antidotes at the ready because you’ll get poisoned a lot. 

Atticus Poison Crew Leader Rewards

For beating Atticus you’ll get TM102 Gunk Shot, a Poison type move that causes damage and can poison your opponent. 

Another photo and badge will also be added to your collection, alongside another blast from the past as we watch another Team Star flashback.

This is then followed by a cutscene involving Youssef, who pleads with Atticus to return to the Academy because he might get expelled otherwise.

Now we’ve got confirmation that Team Star weren’t the bullies but the ones being bullied, we get our usual rewards from Cassiopeia of 7,000 LP and some Pokemon Materials. 

Penny will also make an appearance yet again, this time cryptically hinting that without the downfall of Team Star she’ll lose what she treasures the most.

Hm, another unusual message that leaves me wondering who Penny really is…? 

If you haven’t taken down Giacomo yet, use my how to beat Giacomo article for an easy playthrough. And be sure to check out the mystery gift codes for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet in case you’ve missed anything. 

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