Has Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope got you stumped?

Do you keep seeing weird spiral rocks on the ground and wondering what they mean, unable to access them no matter how much you try?

Are you almost ready to delete it all and restart Mario?

WAIT! We’ve got the answers you seek. These spirals are a secret cache of coins just waiting to be unearthed.

The only catch is how. It’s easy to think you’re going to unlock a spade or a new Beep-O power to access these treasure troves, but the truth is a little more… energetic. 

If you’re ready to get your hands on those sweet, sweet gold coins, we’ll show you the way. Just make sure to grab your dancing shoes – you’re going to need them!

Where To Find Spiral Rocks In Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope

As good as we are, we can’t give you a description of every spiral rock location across the entire Sparks of Hope game – we’d be here all day! And, to be perfectly honest, we’re still tracking them down. 

However, while we haven’t got detailed maps and schematics, what we can tell you is that every planet has their fair share of them. They’re scattered across the landscape, with some easier to spot than others. 

The spiral pattern is the obvious giveaway, but these caches also twinkle with starlight when you get close to them. It’s subtle, but it does help ensure you’re on the right spot. 

Also, a little fyi: don’t be fooled into thinking all spiral symbols do the same thing. The spiral rocks on the ground are very different to the ones carved into the stone and ice blocks also dotted about on each world. For those symbols, you’ll need Beep-O and a few of his skills upgrades. 

How To Activate Spiral Rocks

Did you bring your dancing shoes? We weren’t joking when we said you’d need them.

While you’re not about to learn some complicated tapdancing number, you will need to be quick and light footed. The reason why is all in the shape of these spiral rocks, that shimmering, hypnotising swirl. 

Stand on top of the spiral and begin moving the left thumbstick in a circular motion, as if you’re trying to frantically polish it to perfection. It sounds tedious, but due to the speed of the motion, within a couple of seconds coins will erupt from the earth. 

It’s all about swirls, spirals, and circles in this game. 

Whoa, talk about dizzying! But as dizzy as we are, we’re also richer for it. I guess we can’t complain when we’re making bank better than Moneybags in Spyro ever did. 

Hopefully, you now better understand some of the little environmental puzzles scattered throughout Mario Rabbids. However, if you’re looking to master even more dynamics of the game, definitely check out our Sparks guide. You won’t have to twirl, but those Sparks can be tricky! 

By Aman

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