Just how much is a PS Vita worth these days, and does anyone still want that PSTV thing?

I think the answers to these questions may well surprise you…

… ok, just the first one. No one cares about PSTV still…

The PS Vita never really lived up to the expectations set after the PSP despited being the first handheld to use an OLED screen. I guess it just couldn’t compete with the 3DS or the DS family in general.

Plus the PSP was a tough act to follow, and not enough people wanted to make the change to the newer handheld.

Still, that means that it fetches a decent price on auction sites now, which means you could be about to make a whole heap of money!

How Much Is A PS Vita Worth?

A used PS Vita is worth between $49 – $730 depending on quality, condition, and whether they come packaged in the original box.

Yes, that’s right; these consoles are currently in such demand that people are paying an average of £730 for handhelds in a very good condition.

I bet you’re wishing you hadn’t covered yours in tonnes of stickers back in the day now aren’t you?

If you don’t have the money to pick up a console in a very good condition, then why not grab a refurbished one.

Refurbished consoles tend to sell for anywhere between $101 – $347, giving you a huge saving.

Weirdly. sealed units can be picked up for upwards of $360 too… so why are used units going for so much?

Maybe it’s all the gaming history of past players that comes imbued in the casing? Or it could be those tasty OLED screens…

… yeah, it’s probably that.

Used: $49 – $730

Refurbished: $101 – $347

Sealed: $360+

How Much Is A PS Vita Slim Worth?

A used PS Vita Slim is worth anywhere between $81 and $552 depending on whether the console is sold on its own or comes as part of a boxed bundle.

The PS Vita Slim, real name PCH-2000, is a slightly updated (or some might say downgraded) version of the original PS Vita.

The newer handheld is 20% thinner and 15% lighter, but the OLED screen has been replaced with a cheaper LCD screen.

Cutting corners, or making the console cheaper for everyone?

Anyhow, picking up a console for $81 isn’t half bad if you’re looking for a less-bulky option. Refurbished units can be picked up for anywhere between $122 – $350 too if you want a console with a few after market parts thrown in for good measure.

Sealed Vita Slim consoles still go for a pretty hefty price on second hand sites. They often fetch prices upwards of $799.

Why didn’t I buy one extra of each of these consoles and keep them in my attic as a kid!

Used: $81 – $552

Refurbished: $122 – $350

Sealed: $799+

How Much Is PSTV Worth?

A used PSTV is worth between $100 – $229 depending on whether it comes with or without a box and cables.

For those not in the know, this little unit is a non-portable version of the PS Vita. It was never that popular, hence why you’ve probably never heard of it…

Essentially, it doesn’t have its own screen and hooks up to your TV like a Mac Mini would. Use your DualShock controller to play games, but only ones that don’t make use of the Vita’s touch controls.

So basically, it’s a bit of a flop.

Still, if you want one for your collection, then a used unit only costs $100 which isn’t half bad.

I only found one example of a refurbished unit at $158. With sealed PSTVs selling for around $180, however, it makes sense to grab one of those instead.

Used: $100 – $229

Refurbished: $158

Sealed: $180+

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