Get ready for a nostalgic rollercoaster ride as we ask ‘how much is a Dreamcast worth today’!

It’s tragic that Sega’s most iconic console is the one that flopped the most. The Dreamcast could have gone on to be one of the greats, but instead, it stands as a reminder of a company that imploded from within, unable to give this machine the attention it deserved.

In my humble opinion, the Dreamcast holds a worth far greater than money can buy. It comes with an air of mystique, like a wild card at a tournament or an intriguing newcomer that people know little about.

Still, if you’ve got one to sell, then all you’re going to be bothered about is how much money you can make, so I’ll cut to the chase.

Just how much is a Dreamcast worth in an age of modern 4K terraflopping behemoths anyway? Is it worth selling? How much does a new one cost?

You’re about to find out!

How Much Is A Dreamcast Worth?

A used Dreamcast is worth anywhere between $50 – $490. How much your Dreamcast is worth depends on whether it still has the original cables and box, and if it comes bundled with any games.

The Dreamcast still stands out in second-hand games stores as a bit of an enigma. Whenever I see one, I get a little nostalgic.

It’s the console that could have been a champion, Sega’s ill-fated swan-song that marked the end of their home video game system reign…

… which means that people are prepared to pay top dollar for one!

Used consoles without any games or controllers tend to go for around $50, but boxed consoles or units that come bundled with games go for much more.

Refurbished consoles, i.e those that have been cleaned up and made good-as-new, sell for anywhere between $99 -$629. The higher priced consoles tend to come with original peripherals too, though some have been modded to include built in games and boast faster processors etc.

A sealed Dreamcast is a rarity these days, so much so that they sell on average for twice the original retail price! Expect to pay $400+ for a new console, and up to $2,999.99 for the super-sleek sports edition!

Talk about having cash to burn!

Used: $50 – $490

Refurbished: $99 – $629

Sealed: $400+

Sealed Sports Edition: $2,999.99

How Much Is A Dreamcast Controller Worth?

A used Dreamcast controller is worth between $10 – $180 depending on condition and style.

Quality plays a big factor when searching for or selling a Dreamcast controller, and wireless controllers tend to sell for a lot more. How much your Dreamcast controller is worth will depend on how well you’ve looked after it, and also if it’s a rare colour.

Black and see-through controllers tend to sell for more, though a used launch-edition grey controller can be picked up for around $10.

Refurbished controllers sell for anywhere between $30 – $60. Anyone wanting that ‘nearly new’ feel instead of a pot-luck $10 purchase should definitely consider picking up one of these.

And then there’s a brand new controller.

Original Dreamcast remotes sell for upwards of $75 new, or there’s always the Retro Fighters Dreamcast controller that’s taking the world by storm!

Used: $10 – $180

Refurbished: $30 – $60

Sealed: $75+

How Much Is A Dreamcast VMU Worth?

A used Dreamcast VMU is worth around $15 – $150 depending on style and condition.

‘Why would anyone want to buy a VMU?’, I hear you ask. Well, the retro gaming community use these little hidden gems to make miniature handhelds.

They always crop up amongst the best retro handhelds showcased on our Instagram feed and make for exciting little conversation pieces amongst nerdy friends like Brandon and I!

Used VMUs vary in price due to their overall quality and style. A blue crystal Hello Kitty edition recently sold for $150!

Refurbished units are much more cost-effective, sitting in the region of $45 – $65.

Though perhaps the best way to purchase a VMU is by finding a sealed unit. These sell for upwards of $25 for a bog-standard edition, which is great if you’re planning on modding it with your own 3D printed case!

Used: $15 – $150

Refurbished: $45 – $65

Sealed: $25+

And that’s a wrap! Hopefully we’ve made your dreams come true by showing you how much your Dreamcast is worth and given you plenty of info if you’re looking to buy one.

Thanks for checking out this article, and remember to always check seller/buyer feedback whenever you peruse second-hand sites.

Double check any consoles will work in your region, and always find out whether ‘refurbished’ means it’s now a Frankenstein machine if you’re looking for an original clean system.

Plus, dont forget to check out our article on How Much Is A Mega Drive Worth Today if you have more Sega machines to sell!

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