Sonic The Hedgehog has exploded in popularity over the last couple of years, thanks to the new movies and a handful of new games.

With this comes new products from Higround. They have revealed a bunch of new Sonic The hedgehog and Dreamcast accessories for those that love pimping their desk setups.

Higround are known in the industry for creating high-end mechanical keyboard with a minimal touch, taking their passion for designing tech products to a whole other level.

In the past they have done a number of collaborations, but this is the first time one has caught our attention, and that’s for good reason.

They have teamed up with SEGA to produce new mechanical keyboards, t-shirts, desk mats and more for those of us that love SEGA’s last ever home console.

credit: higround

Sonic The Hedgehog was undoubtedly one of the best Dreamcast games ever, and now you can feature this nostalgic past in more ways than one on your desk and on your back with their line of t-shirts, and even some call new trousers too.

But the magic is in the keyboards. Their three new variants are absolutely stunning. The Sonic variant shows the infamous Green Hill Zone from the original games, in full nostalgic colours across every key.

Next they have (my favourite) the Dreamcast keyboard. Featuring the original Dreamcast colours in light grey, with the arrow keys featuring the same colour as the controllers action buttons and the have added subtle detailing to other keys alongside the Dreamcast console itself across the centre of the keyboard.

And finally, they have featured the legendary Shadow on their third keyboard, stood next to Sonic The Hedgehog adding contrast to each side of the keyboard. But my favourite part about this keyboard is the added buttons on the right hand side featuring icons of famous characters throughout the game.

Like many of Higround’s keyboards, the caps can be replaced with other customs ones should you choose to do so and used USB-C to USB to connect to your computer.

It’s likely we’ll have some test samples in over the next few weeks, so stay tuned for that over on our YouTube channel.

These products launch on Higround’s website on the 5th August 2022.

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