The news is out; GoldenEye on Switch could be a reality as soon as 2022!

How have we come to this fantastic conclusion?

Did news come via a coded message sent in a covert canister sent by Bond himself? Did Trevelyan spill the beans after getting drunk one evening?

No, but that would have been awesome, right.

As always, we’ve been scouring the internet, and this time we’ve taken a (virtual) trip to Germany to source this top secret information.

Be careful though; if you read this article, we will have to kill you.

(N.B Brandon’s told me that I have to clarify that we won’t have to kill you… just partially maim).

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Everything We Know About GoldenEye On SwitchWhat Does This Mean For The Nintendo Switch?

GoldenEye On Switch Copyright Issues

What Can We Expect From Goldeneye On Switch?

Everything We Know About GoldenEye On Switch

Can you imagine how amazing it will be to play a classic Bond game on the switch, either on the TV or through the fancy new OLED screen?

Well GoldenEye on Switch could be coming sooner than you thought thanks to the news that we found after infiltrating the Eurogamer Germany report.

It seems that Rare’s classic shooter is no longer banned in Germany. For a long time, GoldenEye was listed on a long list of games and media that couldn’t be sold to minors…

… that’s small children, not people with lamps on their heads and pickaxes…

What Does This Mean For The Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is a family-friendly console, much more than the PS5 and the Xbox Series X. With that in mind, it’s obvious that kids are going to be able to get their hands on all different types of games, age rating or otherwise.

The strange thing about this move is that the ban would have expired next year anyway. It’s purposefully been removed from the list a year early… which can only mean that there’s big things in store for Bond and the gang in the imminent future.

Does this mean that Goldeneye on Switch could be coming as part of the N64 & Sega Switch Online subscription?

Man, playing the original Facility level with the new N64 Switch controller would be fantastic!

GoldenEye On Switch Copyright Issues

One of the main problems that has surrounded GoldenEye in recent years is that Rare, the creators of countless Nintendo games, are now owned by Microsoft.

They actually developed an HD version of the original N64 game (one of the best N64 games if we’re giving it it’s proper title), but arguments over the copyright of the game meant that it got shelved and never finished.

Still, an N64 subscription wouldn’t be complete without this N64 classic, so we’re guessing someone’s finally found a way to break the deadlock.

Two other games on the banned list in Germany, the U.K port of BloodRayne and the American version of BloodRayne 2, are also receiving remakes for the Switch… so surely this is a good sign.

What Can We Expect From Goldeneye On Switch?

It’s safe to say that we can expect a HD version of the original game, not a remake like the GoldenEye title that dropped on the Wii back in 2010.

We’re talking Bond, Natalya, Xenia, and al the regulars in their original glory, just souped up like Super Mario 64.

None of the new features, either. I want case files, the original plot of the movie, and all the same gadgets that Bond used in the N64 game.

And of course, an online multiplayer!

Whether local or online, multiplayer GoldenEye on Switch would take things to a-whole-nother-level. Imagine having a Fortnite style deathmatch with tonnes of Bonds all searching for one Golden Gun…

… I’m getting a little bit emotional just thinking about it.

Keep checking back for more information as and when we get it, including whether this news could mean another title included on the N64 Mini

Retro Dodo, over and out.

By Aman

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