The Coronavirus pandemic has seen National Health Service workers giving their all on the front line, and big gaming companies are showing their appreciation with the Games for Carers scheme.

Gaming giants such as Bethesda, SEGA and Codemasters are joining the ranks of big names and companies across every entertainment sector who want to say thank you to the brave men and women who are putting themselves at risk every day to keep the nation safe.

They’re offering out free gaming codes, and they’re doing it right now!

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Doctors, nurses, and other care professionals are working ridiculous hours in the fight to stop the pandemic from spreading and saving lives every single day.

They’re constantly hitting the headlines for the poor conditions that they’re having to work in, and all in all, they could do with a bit of relaxation time when their shift finishes.

Gaming publishers big and small, indie and major, have banded together to offer over 85’000 free games on multiple platforms. We’re talking XBOX One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Mobile and PC. New games are being added every day, and the a spokesperson on the official giveaway website states that there is ‘no need to rush’.

How Do I Sign Up To The Games For Carers Scheme?

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Signing up for a free game couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is 

  • Visit the official Games for Carers sign up page
  • Enter your official NHS email address and details into the ‘About Me’ box
  • Click ‘Enter Giveaway’ and wait for instructions on how to access your game. 

The move from the gaming industry follows celebrities such as Lizzo, who has offered free tickets to her concerts for all NHS workers. The Games for Carers movement was started by Scottish video game journalist Chris Scullion and quicky gained support on Twitter.

Games trading body ‘Ukie’s’ CEO Jo Twist says that, “The UK games industry has been proud to play its part in conveying these vital public health messages during this national emergency. Now our community has united again to say thank you to the truly extraordinary people who make up the NHS frontline team.”

Games are available for multiple platforms, including the nintendo switchImage © E&T Magazine

 SEGA have notably extended their offer of free games to the entire nation, using the hashtag #StayHomeSaveLives alongside their giveaway of free copies of Total War: Shogun 2 on Steam.

We’re so proud that the retro gaming community has come together to help keep people safe, and thanks to SEGA, a lot of people should find staying indoors a whole-lot-more easier now. 

From the entire Retro Dodo team, we want to thank the NHS workers across the country, and indeed across the world, for all of the hard work that they have put into keeping us safe. Remember, readers; stay at home, stay gaming, and save lives. 

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