8BitDo have been on the forefront of creating incredible controllers for years now. Their most popular being the “Pro” line of controllers.

These controllers add a wide number of extra buttons that can be mapped and provide some of the most comfortable ergonomics on the market, but there’s not much selection in terms of color ways… until now.

8BitDo has revealed new “special editions” of their Pro 2 controllers and have revealed a couple of new colours/variants for you to choose from.

The colours shown are Atomic Purple and Black, which as you can tell come with some transparency, making it very reminiscent of the 90’s.

If you’re new to their line of Pro controllers then let me quickly fill you in. These bluetooth controllers work with most portable gaming consoles, such as Nintendo Switch, PC, Android, iOS, Steam and even Raspberry Pi’s.

This makes them an affordable go-to for those that want a comfortable controller on the go. We use them for some of our best retro handhelds, and at times even the best handheld gaming PC’s because of how good they are.

They don’t have analogue stick drift, they feature some of the best d-pads in the game, and come with a bunch of buttons on the back to give you an advantage when playing certain games.

On Android and iOS there’s a piece of software called “ultimate software” that when plugged into your device will come up with a bunch of customisation options that you can change directly within the OS.

This opens up even more customisable options, something that many other controllers at this price range do not do. As of now it is not available on Mac.

These special edition 8BitDo controllers are available to pre-order now, and go live on the 28th July 2022. They are retailing for £49.68/$59.99.

The 1000MAH battery inside can last up to 10 hours of gameplay on just a 4 hour charge, making it a great controller for those that want a more serious gaming experience.

Not only that, the normal editions also come in some great colours too, I personally have the Gameboy DMG colour variant and can confirm these controllers are as good as they look.

We’re not sure if these special editions are limited, but as of writing this there is a deal going on that gives you a few bucks off your purchase if you are early.


By Aman

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