It’s time to choose which of eight Pokemon to evolve your Eevee into, as we check out the best Eevee evolutions of all time!

Introduced in first generation games Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue, cute, normal type Pokemon Eevee had a unique feature: it could evolve into one of three different forms, depending on which stone was used on it.

Since that first generation, Eevee has gained five more forms – and has made it all the way through to the ninth generation games.

We can even help you with how to get Eevee in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

So yes: there’s now eight different ways that Eevee can evolve!

Which are the best ones though?

Let’s find out, as we take a look at the best Eevee evolutions of all time!

Table of Contents

8. Leafeon

7. Jolteon

6. Sylveon

5. Vaporeon

4. Glaceon

3. Espeon

2. Umbreon

1. Flareon

8. Leafeon

Grass type Pokemon Leafeon was introduced in fourth generation games Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. 

Leafeon has strong Attack and good defence, but its Sp Atk lets it down – and it has numerous weaknesses when it comes to different types of Pokemon.

To elaborate: Leafeon has weakness to Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying and Bug type attacks, making it a clear choice for the bottom of the Eevee evolutions list.

It does learn the excellent Leaf Blade attack at level 50, nd the great move Last Resort at 55, though the latter is pretty common with other Eevee types too! 

7. Jolteon

With weak HP and Attack, Jolteon narrowly misses out on the bottom spot of this list – saved by an excellent Sp Atk stat and impressive Speed.

Jolteon was introduced in generation one games Pokemon Red and Blue. 

To evolve from Eevee to Jolteon, Trainers need to expose their Eevee to a Thunder Stone.

An Electric type, Jolteon’s only major weakness is with Ground type attacks. It’s also resistant to Electric attacks, making it a perfect counter to the ever-popular, pesky Pikachus! 

6. Sylveon

First appearing in the sixth generation of Pokemon games, Sylveon is a Fairy type Pokemon.

Evolving an Eevee into Sylveon involves Eevee knowing a Fairy type move, as well as having two or more levels of Affection (or, in later games, a high Friendship level).

In terms of its stats, Sylveon’s HP is a little above average and its Attack isn’t particularly impressive.

But, it excels in terms of its Sp Atk and Sp Def. 

Sylveon has few weaknesses; only Steel and Poison type attacks are ones that this Pokemon has to be wary of!

Moonblast – a strong Fairy type attack – is learned when Sylveon reaches level 50. 

Of course, like Eevee itself and all other Eevee evolutions, Sylveon also learns Last Resort at level 55!

5. Vaporeon

One of the three evolutions from generation one’s Pokemon Red and Blue, Vaporeon’s HP makes it a really tough Pokemon.

Not only that, but its Sp Atk is also excellent too.

Being a Water type, Vaporeon tends to be a popular choice for Trainers too. 

Weaknesses are limited to Electric and Grass type attacks, so you’ll find that Vaporeon is effective against many types of adversary.

Interestingly, Vaporeon learns the move Hydro Pump at level 50 (which is a superb Water type Attack) and Last Resort at level 55. 

As is standard with this particular attack, Vaporeon can only use Last Resort once all other moves have been used in a battle. 

It’s a great move though – so getting your Vaporeon levelled up is a must! 

4. Glaceon

Though low HP and Attack should theoretically place Glaceon lower down this list, it really excels in terms of its brilliant Sp Atk stat.

A fourth generation, Ice-type Pokemon, Glaceon debuted alongside Leafeon in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

Glaceon does have a few weaknesses, notably against Fire, Fighting, Rock and Steel type attacks. Still, its defence stat also makes up for this somewhat.

Glaceon also learns the Blizzard move at level 50; though it only has a 70% chance of hitting an opponent, it deals a devastating blow when it connects – and has a chance of freezing the opponent too!

You’ll also find Glaceon on our list of the best Ice type Pokemon!

3. Espeon

Making its debut way back in second generation titles Pokemon Gold and Silver, Espeon is a Psychic Pokemon with an impressive Sp Atk stat.

Being Psychic, Espeon does have weakness to Bug, Ghost and Dark type attacks, but its decent defence and Speed stats mitigate this somewhat.

Also, Espeon learns Future Sight – an attack that does nothing for two turns, then unleashes a devastating blow – at level 50, then the excellent Last Resort at level 55.

This makes Espeon quite a formidable Pokemon to evolve Eevee into.

You’ll also see Espeon on our best Cat Pokemon list!

2. Umbreon

Just like Espeon, Umbreon was introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver, which began the second generation of Pokemon titles.

Umbreon is a Dark type Pokemon with a Sp Atk stat that matches Espeon’s. But it’s Umbreon’s higher HP total that places it firmly near the top of the best Eevee evolutions list!

Umbreon’s Sp Def stat is also pretty impressive; not only that, but it only has weaknesses to Fighting, Bug and Fairy type attacks.

Best of all is that it’s immune to Psychic type attacks!

Though Umbreon ‘only’ gets a status altering move at level 50 – Mean Look – it does learn the excellent Dark type move Dark Pulse at level 40.

And of course, it also has Last Resort to learn at level 55.

It is an Eevee evolution after all – and after we here at Retro Dodo reviewed its stats, we could clearly see that Umbreon is one of the very best!

In fact, Umbreon was also a clear choice for our best Dark type Pokemon list too.

1. Flareon

One of the three OG Eevee evolutions from Pokemon Red and Blue – alongside Jolteon and Vaporeon – Flareon makes it to the very top of the best Eevee evolution list!

As to the reasons why – well, Fire type Flareon has a superb Attack stat and a pretty good Sp Atk stat too. 

Along with this, its Sp Def stat also gives Flareon decent protection.

Though Flareon is weak to Water, Ground and Rock type attacks, it also has resistance to a large number of attack types: Grass, Ice, Fire, Bug, Steel and Fairy! 

Flareon’s level 50 move Flare Blitz is great, but must be cautiously used. It’ll damage itself (by a third of the damage done to the Pokemon it’s used against).

But of course, there’s that powerful Last Resort to look forward to at level 55!

It’s no wonder that you’ll also find Flareon on our best Fire type Pokemon list!

All of the above puts Flareon squarely at the top of our best Eevee evolutions of all time!

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