If you want to train your starters in the office or battle gym leaders on the bus, then check out the best Pokemon emulators for Android!

From apps you can download straight to your phone to epic Android handhelds you can use to play all your favourite games, this is the ultimate Android emulators list for all your Pokemon needs.

Fancy playing Pokemon Sapphire while texting your Auntie on WhatsApp? How about getting a little Pokemon Black and White or a touch of Pokemon Stadium on a slick handheld?

Whether you want a dedicated console or something you can add to your app collection, we’ve got everything you need to get playing Pokemon on the sofa, on the toilet, or on the way to work.

So, without further ado, let’s check out the best Pokemon emulators for Android and get gaming!

Table of Contents

1. RetroArch

2. AYN Odin Pro

3. Drastic DS Emulator

4. RG351MP

5. Retroid Pocket 2+

6. Logitech G Cloud

1. RetroArch


First up on our list of the best Pokemon emulators is RetroArch, that stalwart emulator that features in every single one of our best emulators list.

As many of you will already know, RetroArch is one of those emulators that emulates different emulators. It’s the jack of trades and master of them all too!

It uses cores, which are essentially the virtual innards of all of your favourite consoles, recreated digitally so you can turn your PC or handheld into a PS2, Apple Pippin, GBA, or any other console in existence.

RetroArch lends itself to Android smartphones that have buttons, i.e gaming phones like the Moqi i7S. It also works seamlessly with on-screen buttons, giving you a small yet detailed screen area to play on, perfect for bus ride or sneakily playing Pokemon in the office!

2. AYN Odin Pro



The AYN Odin Pro was an absolute smash hit on Kickstarter. It amassed over $1,000,000 of funding, an incredible feat that was only made possible by you guys, the retro gaming community!

We backed this project really early on, meaning that we got our hands on it very early on in 2022 just after it released.

And the results were phenomenal, an Android handheld that emulates high-powered games without blowing up!

By simply pressing the button marked ‘high performance’, players can play more demanding titles for the PS2 and 3DS with ease.

Don’t forget all the best N64 games either!

Running on Android 11 and with one of the easiest game setups we’ve ever experienced with any handheld, this is a stellar handheld that can tackle GameCube and Sega Saturn games too.

With a Snapdragon SD845 processor, Ardeno 630 GPU and a whopping 7GB’s of RAM, it’s not just one of the best Pokemon emulators on Android, but one of the most powerful handhelds going!

3. Drastic DS Emulator


We can’t have a list of the best Pokemon emulators for Android without including DS emulation now, can we?

Anyone wanting to play DS games on their Android Smartphone need only look at Drastic DS Emulator. It’s the best in the business and, depending on how new your phone is and how powerful it is, you can even pull off some of the bigger titles like Pokemon Black 2 and White 2.

And, while it can tackle 3DS games, it obviously can’t make a 3D image on your phone. You can still enjoy Ocarina of Time in 2D though, which is better than nothing.

Play in both landscape and portrait modes depending on how you like to game. Just move the DS screens around and game your way.

With external controller connectivity and a sweet cheat mode to help you get ahead of the game, this is one app that every Android user needs in their life.

4. RG351MP



Next up on our list is the swish RG351MP, an affordable little handheld that never fails to put a smile on our faces.

With a 4:3 IPS display with crisp visuals that gives all your favourite Retro games the treatment they deserve, it’s a great device. It also has a decent battery life that won’t let you down on long journeys.

In terms of Pokemon emulation, the RG351MP can cope with all the Gameboy Pokemon games from Red to Emerald and some of the spin-offs in between too.

It feels nice to grip, and the aluminium shell gives it a premium quality for a fraction of the price of some of the competitors.

Check out our RG351MP review for more details!

5. Retroid Pocket 2+

If you loved the Retroid Pocket, then The Retroid Pocket 2+ is a more advanced version of the console

For a handheld still priced at $99, it’s immensely impressive. Add a Unisoc Quad-Core T320 CPU and a nifty touchscreen, and magic starts to happen.

Games up to the 64-bit days work perfectly. That means you can enjoy a bit of Pokemon Snap away from home with a beautiful display anytime you want.

With a 4000mAh battery, you won’t need to be scouring cafes for a plug socket every 10 seconds. And because you can download Netlflix and YouTube to the Retroid Pocket 2+, that’s a good thing!



6. Logitech G Cloud


We can’t finish this list of Pokemon Emulators for Android without including the Logitech G Cloud. This is a premium device made by a trusted company that we’ve all bough from in the past.

It’s slick, it’s sleek, and it’s a powerful device. It emulates old consoles and allows you to steam your existing gaming collection with zero fuss.

One of the features we enjoyed the most while playing around with the Logitech G Cloud is its ability to emulate Wii games. Get into Pokemon Battle Revolution and see your favourite monsters battling on a 7″ 1080p screen.

That’s all I’m going to tease you with now. Check out our Logitech G Cloud review for more information.

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