Get ready to check out the best Dog Pokemon of all time and find the toughest mutts for your Pokemon team!

We all love dogs here at Retro Dodo, though the one’s we’re used to looking after definitely don’t look like the creatures in the list below.

Perhaps it’s affinity with a human’s best friend that makes us love catching Dog Pokemon in game. It’s all well and good walking around with Pikachu by your side, but when you can ride around on the lad at Number 6, there’s really no comparison!

Some of the Pokemon in this list might take you by surprise, while others might have been in your team since the early Gameboy years.

There are even a few new faces to sniff out from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

So, without further ado, let’s check out the best Dog Pokemon of all time and see which pup pipped all the others to the post!

Table of Contents

15. Granbull (450)

14. Furfrou (472)

13. Manectric (475)

12. Dachsbun (477)

11. Lycanroc (487)

10. Houndstone (488)

9. Boltund (490)

8. Stoutland (500)

7. Houndoom (500)

6. Arcanine

5. Raikou (580)

4. Suicune (580)

3. Entei (580)

2. Zamazenta (660)

1. Zacian (660)

15. Granbull (450)

Granbull kickstarts this list of the best Dog Pokemon, setting the bar high from hereon out. With a total base stat count of 450 across the board, it’s not exactly a low-level hitter, which shows that there are some clever canines popping up further in this list.

Granbull certainly isn’t a fast Pokemon; with a base speed stat of 45, it won’t be going first in battle or getting it’s moves in before the other Pokemon in this list.

Still, with an attack of 120, it’s bark is definitely as mean as it’s bite!

90 HP might not get you all the way through a battle single-handedly, but Granbull is definitely a hard-hitter that can certainly add some extra strength to your team.

14. Furfrou (472)

In contrast to Granbull, Furfrou is a speedy pooch. It’s base speed stat is 102, and as Furfrou doesn’t evolve, that figure is only going to go up from there.

The other figures, however, go downhill. With defence of 60 and attack of 80, speed alone isn’t going to get it out of every sticky situation.

Furfrou is a Normal type Pokemon with moves like Uproar and Last Resort. It can also use powerful Psychic moves like Zen Headset and Dark Moves like Dark Pulse.

It might look like a princely poodle, but don’t write it off just yet!

13. Manectric (475)

Manectric looks like a brutal opponent, but looks can be deceiving. It’s HP of 70 won’t last very long in fierce battles, especially with a defence of 60.

Luckily, this overcharged mutt has a both a speed stat and special attack stat of 105, meaning if you’re competing against a Slowpoke (metaphorically or an actual Slowpoke), then you should be able to get in first with a devastating attack.

Evolving from Electrike at Level 26, it can eventually learn epic moves like Thunder, Electric Terrain, and Wild Charge, all of which I don’t want to be on the receiving end of!

12. Dachsbun (477)

Yes, Dachsbun does have better base stats than Manectric. I know it’s hard to believe, but this little Princess-Leia-Eared Dachshund has 2 more points overall than it’s electrical brethren.

Who is Dachsbun, I hear you cry?

If you’re wondering who this bread-loving doggo is, then check out our how to get Fidough in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet article to meet the whole family!

Dachsbun’s defence is the best we’ve seen so far, dropping in at an impressive 115. Twinned with a speed of 95, and you’ll be able to chip away at your opponents health with 80 attack.

The bad news for this little pupster is that it has abysmal HP. You’re not going to get anywhere with 57 HP, so if you’re determined to have the new kid on the bloc in your team, then that’s the first thing you’ll need to sort out.

11. Lycanroc (487)

The recent winner of our best Rock type Pokemon takes the 11th spot in our best dog Pokemon list.

Hey, it’s not a fall from grace, there are just some serious hard-hitters in this list!

Lycanroc isn’t just a Rock Type Pokemon; it’s the most powerful Mono Rock Type Pokemon in the game.

That means that it’s the strongest Rock Pokemon that isn’t twinned with another type of Pokemon.

I guess you could say that it’s a thoroughbred!

Its 115 attack stat certainly isn’t to be sniffed at, even though that’s pretty much what dogs like to do the most.

Lycanroc’s main weakness is its special attack stat. At just 55, there’s no chance of pulling off any insane damage with special moves without some serious tinkering. Still, with some slick standard moves and a speed of 112, Lycanroc is more than up for any challenge you throw at it.

10. Houndstone (488)

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but what about a deceased one?

Houndstone is another new Pokemon from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and one of our favourite Ghost Type Pokemon.

This little reincarnate pooch has some incredibly impressive moves up its skeletal sleeve. Whip out Phantom Force and Night Shade in a battle and you’ll cause some serious damage.

Houndstone might be a ghost, but it certainly pack a punch with 101 attack and 100 defence. It can also double its speed from 68 to 136 by using Sand Rush whenever a a sandstorm hits the field of battle.

9. Boltund (490)

Yamper might be a happy little mutt, but Boltund has that cute and gormless look that we all love about Scooby Doo.

Cute and gormless but with a speed of 121. I reckon my dog Bilbo could probably match that when he’s out chasing his ball!

With an attack and special attack of 90, Boltund is sufficiently primed to cause damage with all of its attacks. The main problem is its 69 HP and 60 defence.

Better get levelling up!

8. Stoutland (500)

I know it’s hard to believe that this little tyke is stronger than Lycanroc and Granbull, but the stats don’t lie!

Stoutland is a small Pokemon with some serious power. At only 3’11 and weighing 61kg, it’s surprising that it has any power at all, never mind 110 base attack and 90 defence.

Impressive right?

Sadly, this regal-looking gentleman isn’t very fast, but I guess that’s not surprising seen as though it has little legs.

That probably explains why it only has 45 special attack too; it can’t get worked up enough to pull off the cataclysmic moves.

It can, however, hold off special attacks well with 90 special defence. Stout by name, stout by nature, this Pokemon is sturdy and reliable in every situation.

7. Houndoom (500)

Houndoom is a goth’s best friend. It basically looks like the devil lord of all dogs and is black and silver. Get a lead with studs and skulls on it too and the set is complete!

A Dark and Fire Pokemon that could have come from the bowels of hell itself, Houndoom is fast and boasts a special attack of 110, meaning moves like Fire Blast are going to hit home and leave more than just a mark.

It might have sold its soul to look like the devil and carry off a ‘Hound of the Baskervilles’ vibe, but it didn’t pick up a big HP level in the process. At just 75, it’s touch and go whether it would last long against the other best Dog Pokemon in this list.

Still, it’s a dog with demonic horns – it’s always gonna’ score highly!

6. Arcanine

Arcanine might look a lot like a tiger, but I guess the clue is in its name! It’s actually a dog Pokemon and one of the most powerful from the original generation of Pokemon, evolving from Growlithe with the use of a Fire Stone.

Arcanine is the first Pokemon in our list that has impressive stats all the way across the board, with 95 speed and both 80 defence and special defence.

It’s attack of 110 and special attack of 100 certainly won’t go amiss in battles though, especially with moves like Flamethrower, Close Combat, and Raging Fury.

5. Raikou (580)

Raikou looks more like a Sabretooth Tiger than a dog, but he is part of the Legendary Dog Pokemon Trio… so who am I to judge!

This beastie is an electric Pokemon and in no way related to Raichu, no matter what it might tell you at parties. With 90 HP, 115 special attack and 100 special defence, it’s well suited to throwing out powerful attacks and defending against them.

Normal attack and defence, however, aren’t Raikou’s strong point, weighing in at 85 and 75 respectively.

And, while it and the two other legendaries both rack up 580 total stats across the board, it’s that low attack and defence that have put Raikou in 5th position.

4. Suicune (580)

I always get excited about catching a Suicune; just look how cool it is! This legendary water Pokemon is said to be accompanied by strong gusts of wind wherever it runs, though it’s speed stat of 85 doesn’t exactly match up with that.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence?

Suicune only has an attack of 75, but don’t let that worry you too much. With a defence and special defence stat of 115, this Pokemon can hold its own against more powerful creatures while picking away at their HP with well timed attacks.

Its special attack of 90 means that moves like Hydro Pump and Waterfall are going to land hard too, so don’t dismay if you’re determined to have Suicune on your team.

3. Entei (580)

Entei is the final Legendary Dog Pokemon of the three and my favourite. And no, it’s not just because it’s a Fire Type Pokemon (though that is one of the main factors I guess!).

Going into battle with a massive brute boasting 115 HP and attack should make anyone feel more than comfortable, especially once you add 115 attack and 100 speed into the equation.

A special defence of 75 isn’t amazing, and neither is 85 normal defence, especially considering this guy has what looks like metal rings around its knees and has a moustache bigger than Hulk Hogan!

Still, it’s that high HP and attack power that has made me put it ahead of its legendary partners. Sorry guys, but Entei beats you all paws down!

2. Zamazenta (660)

How much stronger can you get than a dog with a literal shield on the front of its body? I mean, this thing could probably withstand a ball-cannon firing tennis balls at it for 100 days and not even feel a thing.

No, I’m not sure why I chose that analogy either.

Let’s talk stats. Zamazenta’s attack of 120 and speed of 138 are formidable. Standard moves suddenly become incredibly dangerous, and with speed like that there’s no way you’re not hitting home first.

Defence and special defence are both 115, meaning if he decides to have a battle with Zacian then he’s well protected.

It’s a shame about that special attack stat of 85, but to be honest I can’t see anyone moaning much when using Zamazenta in battle; the guy’s a tank!

1. Zacian (660)

The results are in, the postman’s leg has well and truly been bitten, and Zacian is officially the best and strongest Dog Pokemon of all time.

Ok, so there isn’t actually any difference between Zacian and Zamazenta’s stats. They’re completely identical, not even a point out here or there.

The truth is, I just prefer Zacian over Zamazenta because of her massive sword.

Come on; any Pokemon that can hold a sword in her mouth deserves to be at the top of any list.

Fast, strong, and with great defence, Zacian is still top of my tea in Pokemon Sword, and I reckon she always will be!

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