Get ready to be rich; it’s time to check out top 10 rare Wii games on the internet!

Ok, how rich you might end up being will depend on the quality of the game and whether you decided to put it away in a drawer and never open it. It does happen, and those sealed copies can be worth an absolute fortune today.

The Wii had the most games of any of Nintendo’s home consoles, bringing 1595 titles to the table. With reprints, demo discs, and some games that just didn’t sell well, some of these adventures have transcended from simply being video games into rare collectors items that everyone wants.

And when collectors want stuff, you know they’ll pay top dollar to get it.

So, which of those dusty discs in your attic could pay for a new Tag Heur Super Mario watch? How much could you stow away under your pillow, and what would it cost to buy a game about loads of vegetables?

Check out our top 10 rare Wii games below and find out!

Table of Contents

1. Dokapon Kingdom: $70 – $250 ($5,000 sealed)

2. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn: $55 – $280

3. The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Demo: $105 – $300

4. Ju-On: The Grudge: $10 – $300

5. American Mensa Academy: $70 – $150

6. Veggy World: $320 – $500

7. Super Mario Galaxy 1st Print: $300 – $500

8. Fritz Chess: £120 – £150

9. The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess 1st Print: $100 – $500

10. Metroid Prime Trilogy: Collectors Edition Steelbook: $80 – $400

1. Dokapon Kingdom: $70 – $250 ($5,000 sealed)


First up in our list of rare Wii games is Dokapon Kingdom, a game that’s a little like Mario Party VS Final Fantasy.

Ok, I know that’s a massive generalisation, but hear me out.

The gameplay is set on a board, but there are certain elements to the game that one might typically find in an RPG (that’s my academic voice coming out there).

Players take part in battles from time to time, and there are missions to complete along the way. It’s nowhere near as tactics-based as the next title in our list, but it does keep you on your toes throughout.

So what’s going on in this game? Well, loads of evil creatures have ransacked the Kingdom of Dokapon. They’ve stolen all the gold too, and it’s your job to get it back.

Players move through Story Mode, finding gold and eventually taking the King’s daughter’s hand in marriage. Gamers have the choice of playing as a female character too, and there’s a different ending in store if you do.

Dokapon Kingdom allows 4 players to team up together, which is just as well… The cost price for a sealed copy needs splitting between as many people as possible!

2. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn: $55 – $280


Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn is up next, a game that is 100% a tactical RPG with zero board-game spaces in sight.

I think this game is still quite rare and expensive as the Fire Emblem series was never as popular in the West as it was in Japan. Sure, it’s got a great fanbase, but it still has a sense of mystique to it that brings a higher price tag…

… and it’s got lots of dragons in it, and they like gold… which makes perfect sense.

Radiant Dawn is the exact opposite of a walk in the park. It requires your full attention and plays similarly to games like tactics Ogre and Jeanne D’Arc.

There might not be a game board to move along, but players must contend with gridded battle areas and Risk/Strategeo style battles. We’re talking true turn-based fights as you lead the Dawn Brigade to war!

Weirdly, some players die and just never come back to the game. It’s basically as close to Game of Thrones that you can get without putting on John Snow’s cloak and looking all moody.

Sealed copies cost anything up to $280, but you can usually pick up a used game for around $55.

It’s held its value well!

3. The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Demo: $105 – $300


If there’s one item in this list of rare Wii games that I wish I owned, then it’s the The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Demo disc. Regular readers know how much of a Zelda nerd I am, so much so that I pre-ordered Skyward Sword HD the second it was announces.

This demo disc is rare for a very special reason; it should never have left shops. These copies are the ones that players test out in video game stores to see what all the fuss is about.

Most stores send them back, though some get accidentally ‘lost’ in transit.

Now, the fact that the Wii controls were trying at times and a little cumbersome doesn’t change my decision. I’d use this as a bookmark in my Hyrule History encyclopaedia, the most expensive page marker of all time…

Anyone new to Skyward Sword really should check it out. Spotting the elements that went on to become firm features in BOTW such as the stamina pods, glider, and Link running for the first time is always fun.

If you’re a Zelda fan that has money to burn, then this little nugget of Hyrule history would make a fine addition to your collection. Just let me know when you’ve bought it and I’ll come round and take a look!

4. Ju-On: The Grudge: $10 – $300


Ju-On: The Grudge takes the 4th spot in this list of rare Wii games secretly worth a fortune. Ok, so $10 isn’t going to let you retire early, but mint-condition copies that bring $300 are bound to put a smile on your face.

I’m not a fan of scary games. The idea of a fright simulator makes me angry and yes, a little frightened.

Still, this game still brings a pretty penny for those who were wise enough to buy a copy and stow it away for a ‘rainy eBay day’.

Yeah; that’s giving me nightmares…

Apparently, if you die with a grudge, then some sort of curse appears. The main character comes into contact with one of these curses while trying to find her dog, and then her whole family becomes cursed…

Any game that involves wandering around a mannequin factory or an empty hospital is never going to be high up on my list. But, this game does come from a long line of successful Japanese horror films, so if you’re into getting scared, then give it a go.

I’d definitely pay you $300 to take the copy we have in the Retro Dodo office. That thing gives me the willies!

5. American Mensa Academy: $70 – $150


Next up is American Mensa Academy, a type of brain game similar to Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training for the DS.

The main difference is that there’s a lot more going on in this game, with over 100 tasks, puzzles, and games to see just how brainy you are.

Of course, these aren’t the kind of teasers you might find in a kids book. The challenges have been set by Mensa, which means they’re real IQ brain-busters.

The nice thing, however, is that this game still feels fun as well as educational. It’s bright and easy to engage with, two things that I never EVER associated with Maths back in the day.

Like Wii Fit and Brain Training, the game encourages you to keep trying and improving your score on a daily basis. The funny characters make gameplay memorable too…

… yeah; I really want to go and check my IQ right now…

Copies can cost anywhere up to $150 to buy. The version with ‘American’ in the title brings far more money than the normal ‘Mensa Academy’, so check which copy you have in the attic.

6. Veggy World: $320 – $500


We’ve already learned that vegetables and gaming make for expensive purchases back in our list of rare Gameboy games. Veggy World continues the trend, brining a price tag of $320 for a used copy and $500 for a sealed game.

Remember when your parents told you to eat all your vegetables as a kid? Well, it’s a good job you didn’t, as they’re the only ones that con stop the diabolic Plant army from taking over the world!

Turns out we should have been eating begonias and daisies instead!

Instead of steaming carrots or pushing peas around a plate, players must traverse desert levels and underwater worlds as they battle plants.

Pick from epic weapons based on fruit and vegetables. We’re talking mushroom torpedos and missiles made from strawberries!

Listen; if customising plant and veggie characters and playing through 21 levels of madness isn’t worth $320, then I don’t know what is…

… that was supposed to sound convincing… did it work?

7. Super Mario Galaxy 1st Print: $300 – $500


Super Mario Galaxy takes the 7th spot in this list of rare Wii games!

Yep; I can hear you saying ‘Galaxy, seriously?’ around the world as you read this. Unfortunately, it’s not just any copy of the game.

Players with a 1st print white label copy could be in for a real treat. These copies go for anywhere between $300 and $500, which could be a nice chunk off your rent for the month!

For those of you that have never played this game before, it’s a real treat. It could well be one of the best Mario games ever made (spoiler alert – it’s definitely on that list).

Galaxy had to be a stunning title after the success of Sunshine, and it did a great job of blowing us all away. It features Peach and Bowser in an intergalactic title where gravity and revolving planets play a huge roll.

Ok, they’re the main premise of the game…

Galaxy was definitely the muse for Odyssey, and it’s nice to see where the original ideas developed from. The game worlds are beautifully crafted and the art of collecting stars is something that Mario certainly knows how to pull off by now.

A great game, but definitely worth selling if you can get $500 for it!

8. Fritz Chess: £120 – £150


Fritz Chess takes the 8th spot in this list of the most rare Wii games of all time.

It’s not the most groundbreaking title in the world. Still, it looks the part and uses detailed pieces.

If you’ve been watching The Queen’s Gambit and fancy yourself as a Grandmaster, then it might be of interest.

The best bit about this game is the different modes of play available to gamers. Tackle Chess Puzzle, have a go at Historical Matches, or venture into modes that invite you to increase your knowledge of the game.

This is a great title for both experts and newbies alike. It’s simple to grasp if you’re a complete beginner, and the adventure mode utilises cool characters that keep the gameplay fresh and funky.

I honestly didn’t think that Chess could be this fun until I played this game. I must admit that I didn’t spend this much money on it and bought it before the price rocketed. Still, if you’ve got $150 to spend and don’t own a chess board, then give it a shot.

9. The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess 1st Print: $100 – $500


The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess 1st Print is up next in our list of the most rare Wii games of all time.

This is my third favourite Zelda game of all time. In my opinion, it’s the last classic Zelda game in the series with all the thrills and challenges that we first experienced in Ocarina of Time making an entrance once more.

I know that this could be technically classed as a GameCube game too, but the 1st print Wii edition is where the money is at.

And, for $500, it might be worth dragging out your old copy to see if its the real deal.

Until BOTW dropped into out lives, Twilight Princess was the best selling Zelda game. It beat my beloved Ocarina by almost a million copies… but who’s really counting?

After the cell shaded adventures of Link (otherwise known as the WindWaker) and before he started diving around on birds (Skyward Sword), Twilight Princess kept true to the original Hyrule.

Talking to Gorons in Hyrule Castle Town, visiting Kakariko Village and Death Mountain; it had it all, and crisp graphics too!

Honestly, I know I said I’d sell it if I had a 1st print, but I reckon it’d only make it harder to part with. I love Zelda a little too much, which means it would more than likely end up in a frame than a second-hand store!

10. Metroid Prime Trilogy: Collectors Edition Steelbook: $80 – $400


The Metroid Prime Trilogy: Collectors Edition Steelbook ends this list of rare Wii games, bringing 3 titles for the price of one…

… or if it’s a brand new copy, 3 titles for the price of about 10!

For those of you wondering why this game is so expensive, it’s the steelbook collectors case that really bumps the price up.

Used copies tend to cost around $80, but if you decided to put a sealed one away back in the day, then things are about to look pretty tasty in your bank balance.

If you’ve never played Metroid Prime before, then this disc holds all three games from the series. It’s got Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (two of the best GameCube games), and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

All three are FPS titles that see Samus Aran kicking alien ass in her space suit, picking up new abilities and weapons along the way.

And yeah, if you’ve seen the news about the ‘new’ Metroid game coming out for the Switch, then these are 3D games and not dated side scrollers…

You can pick up a copy for much cheaper if you don’t want the steelbook. Still, it looks pretty cool up on a shelf and will only increase in value over the years!

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