Get ready to max out your credit card as we take a look at the most expensive LEGO minifigurines of all time!

Yes, if you’re looking to make a special purchase to impress friends and family, then these little LEGO figures will be right up your street.

From special Star Wars pieces to a film prop, these cool and quirky little collectibles will make any shelf, workspace, or games den feel even nerdier.

Though they all come with eye-watering price tags.

Get ready to remortgage your house and sell the family car. Or, if you’ve found one in your collection, get ready to head on the holiday of a lifetime!

Table of Contents

10. Mr Gold: $5,400

9. NASA Alien Life on Mars Minifigure: $8,000

8. Comic-Con Superman: $8,200

7. Solid Bronze C-3PO: $32,395

6. Platinum R2-D2: $33,440

5. The Solid Silver C-3PO: $34,485

4. Limited-Edition Boba Fett Minifigure Set: $36,575

3. 18k White Gold R2-D2: $39,188

2. Official Ninjago Movie Wooden Wu Prop: $104,500

1. 14K Gold C-3PO: $300,000

10. Mr Gold: $5,400

Kickstarting our list of the most expensive LEGO minifigurines of all time is Mr Gold, literally a lego man who has one of the most expensive materials in the world in his name.

This shiny little dude only ever had 5,000 minifigurines made, this 2013 collectible sees a little LEGO man kicking back in a golden suit, top hat, and a monocle.

If you’ve got a factory sealed Mr Gold somewhere in the attic, then expect to get $5,400 for it.

9. NASA Alien Life on Mars Minifigure: $8,000

How many of you know that LEGO partnered with NASA?

I know, right; mind blown!

Two of the coolest brands in the world worked together to make this super cool Mars Alien minifigurine that was then sent into space to the International Space Station.

Yes, this little alien actually floated around space!!

Because this toy has actually been to space, it’s now considered wholly unique. It was recently priced at $8,000, but as they pass from collector to collector, the price is bound to literally rocket!

8. Comic-Con Superman: $8,200

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a limited-edition Comic-Con Superman worth $8,200.

Picture the scene; New York, 2011. Comic-Con visitors were put into a daily raffle to win one of these figurines, complete with ‘The New York Brick’ newspaper packaging.

Imagine being one of those lucky winners; talk about a day to remember eh!

While there are so many LEGO superheroes out there in the best LEGO games, Superman still rules the roost and is the only one in our most expensive LEGO minifigures list.

7. Solid Bronze C-3PO: $32,395

Comic-Con has given away some cool things away in its time, but this solid bronze C-3PO has to be one of the coolest.

Why is it so rare?

Well, there was only one ever made, and as it’s made of solid bronze, he’s a hefty little dude with a hefty price tag.

6. Platinum R2-D2: $33,440

Imagine being one of 5 people to own a Platinum R2-D2!

Well, 5 is a rumour.

As with many of the minifigurines on this list, these two platinum robots were given away as part of a competition run by the LEGO group. Where the other two are remains a mystery.

The reason this figurine is so expensive is down to the fact that it’s made of platinum and because there were only 5 ever made.

Look how class it looks, I’d definitely love to have this on my desk!

5. The Solid Silver C-3PO: $34,485

With only one solid silver C-3P0 ever made, there’s no wonder this little figurine is worth so much. It’s a bonafide piece of Star Wars memorabilia produced as a part of the 30th celebration of the series.

If I had a spare $34,000, I reckon I’d try to get my hands on this little beauty. And seen as though there’s only one in the entire world, that price could well go up and up every time the current owner wants to sell it!

4. Limited-Edition Boba Fett Minifigure Set: $36,575

Boba Fett is one of my favourite ever Star Wars characters, along with pretty much the rest of the entire planet. This little set features three characters including one made from sterling silver and one from 14K gold.

The third is a rare white edition of the figurine of which there were only 10,000 made, making it expensive in its own right.

At over $36,000, this is a small investment that you would definitely want to keep away from the go, the kids, or anyone who isn’t you. It’s worth more than pretty much everything inside my house added together!

3. 18k White Gold R2-D2: $39,188

Another one-of-a-kind figure that was part of a competition, this 18K white gold R2-D2 is a true collectible with a humongous price tag.

The competition was super rare as you could only enter if you owned Millennium Falcon Black VIP Card Holders.

Yeah, I know… I bet half of you didn’t even know that those existed.

Back in the day, a lad called Bryan won said R2-D2 complete with acrylic case and a proper certificate.

Bryan, if you’re reading, you’re one lucky son-of-a-gun!

2. Official Ninjago Movie Wooden Wu Prop: $104,500

Remember the Sensei Wu prop used in the actual LEGO Ninjago movie, the one that Jackie Chan actually held in his hand?

Well, there were only four made, each one actually hand-carved out of wood.

It’s rumoured that George Lucas owns one of these minifigurines, each valued at a whopping $104,500.

And as the years roll by, that price is only going to go up!

1. 14K Gold C-3PO: $300,000

The award for the most expensive LEGO minifigurine of all time goes to this 14K Gold C-3PO with a recorded asking price on eBay of $300,000.

Just take that into account; $300,000, around £250,000, for a little figurine.

Mind blowing, isn’t it!

LEGO Magazine gave 5 of these away as part of a competition, and as you can probably guess, they’re worth a pretty penny because of the solid gold used to make them.

Would you shell out this much money on a little gold C3PO? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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