Pokemon unbound is a fan-made Pokemon game that features a brand new region, a truly engaging storyline, every Pokemon from Gen 1 to Gen 7, and a ton of features that make the game worth playing even in 2023.

The game has managed to push the limits of rom hacking and hence is really popular in the Pokemon community. 

That being said, it still is very much similar to the main series of Pokemon games at its core.

Though the new story will make the game engaging, there are a lot of parts that you might want to skip, like hunting for hours to get a Pokemon you need, running around the map to find a TM/HM, or the worst, grinding to increase your Pokemon’s levels.

All these tasks don’t enhance the game for you and can be simply skipped using some cheats. So in this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of the best Pokemon Unbound cheats!

Now, this goes without saying, but make sure you don’t use many cheats simultaneously in GameShark, as it might mess up the emulator and cause your game to glitch or even crash. That being said, let’s get into the list!

Table of Contents

10. Unlimited Money

9. One hit kills

8. Mega Evolution stones

7. Catch Enemy Trainer’s Pokemon

6. Encounter Shiny Pokemon

5. 100% catch rate

4. Any item costs 1

3. Unlimited TM/HM

2. Unlimited Rare Candies

1. Unlimited master balls

10. Unlimited Money

As the name suggests, the cheat will help you get unlimited money in Pokemon Unbound, so you can buy everything you can imagine in the game.

This cheat will make your life so much easier. Apart from this, you don’t need any other cheat; with so much money, you can just cruise your way to the climax easily!

29C78059 96542194

Code Breaker

820257BC 423F

820257BE 000F

9. One hit kills

Pokemon Unbound is a massive game. It will take you days to complete the main story, and even after completing the main story, there are over 800 Pokemon that you have to catch.

A ton of post-story content is waiting for you. This can get overwhelming, so if you just want to cheese some of the repetitive parts, you can with this cheat.

With every move, you’ll KO the enemy Pokemon, no matter the type or HP it has!

Gameshark: 95EDFBBA A5A72A78

C833D1A0 02FA7205 

(if it doesn’t work, try entering it as a CodeBreaker cheat instead)

8. Mega Evolution stones

Apart from having all 800 Pokemon in the game, Pokemon Unbound also features all the mega evolutions from the 6th generation Pokemon games.

With this simple cheat, you’d be able to acquire every Pokemon megs Stone in the game without having to go looking for it around the region.

Before using it, make sure you have completed the mission where you obtain the Mega Evolution from Tarmigian Mansion. Because if you don’t, even though you have the item in hand, you won’t be able to Mega Evolve any Pokemon!

To use the cheat, but the code, and in the place of YYYY, put the code of the Mega Evolution Stone you want

Master Code (Enter and run this first): 000014D1 000A

Cheat: 82003884 (YYYY) – replace YYYY with Mega Stones below:

  • 01BE – Venusaurite
  • 01BF – Charizardite X
  • 01C0 – Charizardite Y
  • 01C1 – Blastoisinite
  • 01C2 – Beedrillite
  • 01C3 – Pidgeotite
  • 01C4 – Alakazite
  • 01C5 – Slowbronite
  • 01C6 – Gengarite
  • 01C7 – Kangaskhite
  • 01C8 – Pinsirite
  • 01C9 – Gyaradosite
  • 01CA – Aerodactylite
  • 01CB – Mewtwonite X
  • 01CC – Mewtwonite Y
  • 01CD – Ampharosite
  • 01CE – Steelixite
  • 01CF – Scizorite
  • 01D0 – Heracronite
  • 01D1 – Houndoominite
  • 01D2 – Tyranitarite
  • 01D3 – Sceptilite
  • 01D4 – Blazikenite
  • 01D5 – Swampertite
  • 01D6 – Gardevoirite
  • 01D7 – Sablenite
  • 01D8 – Mawilite
  • 01D9 – Aggronite
  • 01DA – Medichamite
  • 01DB – Manectite
  • 01DC – Sharpedonite
  • 01DD – Cameruptite
  • 01DE – Altarianite
  • 01DF – Banettite
  • 01E0 – Absolite
  • 01E1 – Glalitite
  • 01E2 – Salamencite
  • 01E3 – Metagrossite
  • 01E4 – Latiasite
  • 01E5 – Latiosite
  • 01E6 – Lopunnite
  • 01E7 – Garchompite
  • 01E8 – Lucarionite
  • 01E9 – Abomasite
  • 01EA – Galladite
  • 01EB – Audinite
  • 01EC – Diancite

7. Catch Enemy Trainer’s Pokemon

Yes, with this cheat, you can capture your enemy Trainer’s Pokemon mid-battle!

You must press L+R before throwing out the Pokeball, and you’ll get whatever Pokemon your opponent had!

4D83B1BF E0F5F507

8E883EFF 92E9660D

B6C5368A 08BE8FF4

90B4977C C0151DC2

6. Encounter Shiny Pokemon

Hunting for shiny Pokemon can be frustrating, not only because they are scarce but also becaus of how long it will take you to get one. So if you just want your shiny and don’t want to waste time running around in the grass, this cheat will be really helpful.

With this cheat entered in your emulator, you’d be able to encounter shiny Pokemon every time you enter the grass and have and engage in battle. (For some people the shiny doesn’t show up until you have caught it. Also, to use the shiny Pokemon, you might have to take it to the name changer first)

1670047D 04815C68

18452A7D DDE55BCC

5. 100% catch rate

If completing the Pokedex is your goal in Pokemon Unbound, then catching every Pokemon in the first attempt will drastically increase the pace at which you catch these Pokemon.

With this cheat entered in your emulator, you’d be able to cat every wild Pokemon that appears in front of you with a 100% catch rate, no matter its rarity!

87ACF659 707466DC

8BB602F7 8CEB681A

4. Any item costs 1

As the name suggests, with this cheat, you’d be able to buy anything from the Poke Mart for a total cost of 1. So now you can get all the repels you want!

3C25A344 FD8F451C

AD86124F 2823D8DA

3. Unlimited TM/HM

Getting the best Moveset for your Pokemon is essential if you want to win every battle you go into. Unfortunately, some moves are only accessible via HM/TMs, and we all know how hard it can be to get the TM/HM you want at a point in the game.

So rather than running around the region looking for that one ™  you want, use this cheat.

It will give you an unlimited amount of all available TM/HMs in the game!

(Put the TM/HM code instead of the YYYY)

82003884 (YYYY)

  • 0121 = TM01
  • 0122 = TM02
  • 0123 = TM03
  • 0124 = TM04
  • 0125 = TM05
  • 0126 = TM06
  • 0127 = TM07
  • 0128 = TM08
  • 0129 = TM09
  • 012A = TM10
  • 012B = TM11
  • 012C = TM12
  • 012D = TM13
  • 012E = TM14
  • 012F = TM15
  • 0130 = TM16
  • 0131 = TM17
  • 0132 = TM18
  • 0133 = TM19
  • 0134 = TM20
  • 0135 = TM21
  • 0136 = TM22
  • 0137 = TM23
  • 0138 = TM24
  • 0139 = TM25
  • 013A = TM26
  • 013B = TM27
  • 013C = TM28
  • 013D = TM29
  • 013E = TM30
  • 013F = TM31
  • 0140 = TM32
  • 0141 = TM33
  • 0142 = TM34
  • 0143 = TM35
  • 0144 = TM36
  • 0145 = TM37
  • 0146 = TM38
  • 0147 = TM39
  • 0148 = TM40
  • 0149 = TM41
  • 014A = TM42
  • 014B = TM43
  • 014C = TM44
  • 014D = TM45
  • 014E = TM46
  • 014F = TM47
  • 0150 = TM48
  • 0151 = TM49
  • 0152 = TM50
  • 0153 = HM01
  • 0154 = HM02
  • 0155 = HM03
  • 0156 = HM04
  • 0157 = HM05
  • 0158 = HM06
  • 0159 = HM07
  • 015A = HM08

2. Unlimited Rare Candies

Grinding for levels is one of the worst parts of the Pokemon games. If you don’t want to go through this exhilarating process of battling your Pokemon to get their levels up, simply use this cheat which will give you an unlimited amount of rare candies. 

You can get these rare candies from the Poke Mart after entering the cheat. Make sure to pair this cheat with the infinite money cheat to buy as many candies as possible!

06AB3172 BE88C550


82003884 0044

1. Unlimited master balls

Master balls allow you to catch any Pokemon in the game with a single throw. These master balls are extremely rare, and you can access only one master ball per game.

But what if you had an unlimited amount, you’d be able to catch every Pokemon with little to no resistance at all. With this cheat, this can actually happen. Enter the cheat, and buy an unlimited amount from the Poke Mart for free!

As there are over 800 Pokemon to catch in Pokemon Unbound, the cheat will really help you out to fill the Pokedex!



82003884 0001

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